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6 Reasons Why Your Ninja Blender Power Light is Blinking Red

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If you see your Ninja blender power light blinking red, then it is a sign of a problem that will need to be fixed before you can use the blender.

We’ve owned our Ninja blender for a few months now and recently had this issue when we were trying to make a batch of green smoothies.

A blinking power button tells you that your Ninja blender has power but is not ready to blend for some reason.

Important! Some of the newer Ninja models don’t have a blinking red light, but instead the whole control panel lights up and blinks.

This is a built-in safety mechanism when the blender isn’t safe to use. Most of the time this is a super easy fix. It just means that some parts of the blender are not properly connected like if the container isn’t fully locked into the base.

But if your Ninja has a blinking red light then it could mean a part is broken or messed up.

Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking

Why is My Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking Red?

When you see your Ninja blender power button blinking, it means that the lid and handle are not aligned, the lid is not on properly, you’re using the wrong lid, or the container is not properly connected to the Ninja blender base. It could also mean your Ninja blender is overheated.

ninja blender power light blinking

Even though your blender is plugged in you won’t be able to actually start it. This is a safety mechanism because the blender has detected that something is wrong.

Thankfully, it’s super easy to fix.

6 Reasons Why Your Ninja Blender Has a Power Light Blinking

While it can be frustrating to find that your Ninja blender is not working, this feature is designed to alert you to a problem and stop you from activating the blades when your blender is not safe to use. 

Here’s how to fix each of these problems quickly and easily…

1. The lid and handle are not aligned

Every Ninja blender has a small arrow on the handle and a matching arrow on the lid. For the blender to work, these two arrows need to be pointing toward one another. 

ninja blender arrows aligned

When the arrows on the handle and lid are not correctly aligned, the Ninja blender power button will blink, and the blender will not start.

To correct this, simply move the handle until the arrows point at each other. As soon as you do this, you should see that the power button stops blinking and changes to a steady light. This means the problem is fixed, and your Ninja blender is ready to use.

2. The lid is not locked down properly

Even when the arrows on the lid and handle of the Ninja blender are aligned, it is still possible for the lid to not be securely fitted. This is because the handle needs to be pushed down all the way to lock the lid into place.

Ninja blender lid not closed all the way

If you have trouble closing the handle on the lid of your Ninja blender, then double-check that the arrows on the handle and the lid are aligned. 

The handle will only push down and lock the lid when the lid is in the correct position.

3. You’re using the wrong lid

Though some of them may look similar, Ninja blender lids are not interchangeable between models. This means that if you try to use the lid from one Ninja model on a different type of Ninja blender, the lid will not close properly, the power button will blink, and the blender will not switch on.

If you’ve just purchased your Ninja blender, or you own more than one model, and you can’t seem to get the lid to connect as it should, you should consider whether you are definitely using the correct lid for your blender.

4. The blender container is not properly connected to the base

Your Ninja blender’s container is the large cup that contains all of your ingredients and the blender’s blades. For the Ninja blender to work, the container must be connected properly.

Ninja blender based not attached

To connect the container, insert it into the base of the Ninja blender and then turn it clockwise until you hear a click. This means that the container is locked in place and it should now feel securely attached to the blender.

If you don’t turn the container clockwise, or there is some issue with the container clicking into place, then the Ninja blender power button will blink red, and the blender will not turn on.

5. Your Ninja is overheating

If your Ninja is blinking red then it could be a sign that your blender overheated. Most of the time a blinking light will prevent you from being able to even use the blender.

But if your Ninja blender stopped working mid-blend then it could be a sign it overheated. This is the most likely issue if your Ninja smells like it’s burning.

6. There’s food in the way. Clean your dang blender!

The last thing that could be causing an issue is just food being in the way. Remember our fourth reason above? You need the blender container to lock into the base in order to work.

If bits of frozen fruit or nuts have gotten down into the blender’s base station then it can get in the way of the container locking in.

The good news is that Ninja blenders are dishwasher safe!

It’s good to wipe down your blender’s base from time to time.

What If None of This Helps?

If your Ninja blender is still not working, even after you have confirmed that the lid is on properly, the arrows on the handle and the lid are aligned, you’re using the correct lid, and the container is securely attached to the base, then you should contact Ninja for technical support.

Usually a red blinking power button on a Ninja blender means that the lid or the container is not correctly attached.

If you’ve tested everything and it still doesn’t work, then there is probably an internal or technical issue.

It could be the detection sensor in your blender or a messed up electrical wire/cord.

An example of this kind of fault is when the Ninja blender fails to detect that the lid is correctly locked into place. This will cause the power light to continue blinking, and the blender will refuse to switch on, as the system incorrectly registers that the lid is in an unsafe position.

Reach out to Ninja and see whether your machine is covered by their 2-year warranty

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