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Vitamix vs NutriBullet: Which Blender Brand is Right for You?

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Picking a new blender is a big decision! They’re expensive and the last thing you’ll want to do is replace it in 2 years.

Finding the right blender starts with picking the right brand. Each major brand will have different pros and cons. 

Today I’ll be comparing Vitamix vs NutriBullet Blenders so you can pick the one right for you.

The good news is that you can’t go wrong. Vitamix and NutriBullet are both fantastic brands and make high quality products that are durable, beautiful, and perform well.

Quick Answer: I’ll tell you up front that we’re big fans of Vitamix. They aren’t cheap, but they are incredibly durable and versatile. If you have the money, there’s no better blender out there. If you’re on a budget, then NutriBullet is hands down the next best option!

Vitamix vs Nutribullet

Quick Summary: Is Vitamix or NutriBullet the Right Pick for You?

Vitamix is best for…

  • Families / Meal Preppers – Vitamix containers are significantly larger than most NutriBullet blenders. If you want to make smoothies for a big group or make a big batch at once, a Vitamix is the way to go
  • “Buy it once” people – Vitamix blenders are the industry standard when it comes to durabilty. They also have the best warranty. If you want to buy a blender once and not think about getting another for 8-10 years then go with Vitamix.
  • Versatility – Vitamix blenders are the most versatile because of their size and power. You can blend ice, grind coffee, turn grain into flour, make hot soup, perfect margaritas, and of course, perfectly smooth smoothies.

NutriBullet is best for…

  • Individuals – Most NutriBullet blenders are personal sized so they are great for individuals who just need a single-serve smoothie.
  • People on a budget – NutriBullet blenders are far cheaper than Vitamix. You can get a solid blender for $120-180 compared to $4-600.
  • Occasional use – If you aren’t the type to use a blender very often, then a Vitamix might be a bit overkill.
Power1500-1650 watts600-1200 watts
VersatilityMost versatileNot versatile
Warranty5-10 years1 year
SpeedVariable (1-10)On / Off
Made inUSAChina

Key Differences Between Vitamix and NutriBullet

We’ve done a deep dive on Vitamix vs NutriBullet blender to compare for you so you can see which one is best in the factors that matter most to you


Vitamix blenders are the most expensive in the industry. Even their cheapest options like the Vitamix e310 are around $300 if you get it on sale. NutriBullet is known for being great quality at an affordable price. You can get a NutriBullet 600, 900, or 100 for around $75-120.


A good blender wattage is anywhere from 800-1000. That’s enough to handle just about any blending tasks. Most NutriBullets are in this range. If you want the most powerful though, go with a Vitamix. The typical Vitamix blender wattage is around 1500.

Nutribullet blade
WattageOur Opinion
0 – 500 watts Not worth buying. Avoid.
500 – 800 wattsDecent blenders for blending simple ingredients, but won’t puree or blend super smoothly. Not good for frozen fruit smoothies. We don’t recommend confidently.
800 – 1000 wattsThis is is the lowest wattage of blenders we can confidently recommend. This will work for anything except the hardest frozen fruit smoothies. Expect some chunks, but overall a solid option.
1000 – 1500 wattsThis is a great range for home blenders. These will be powerful enough for anything you need and super affordable.
1500+ wattsAnything over 1500 watts will work incredibly well! They won’t blend better than the previous set, but will work faster and be more durable.

Container size

Vitamix Propel 510 container

The size of your container impacts how big of a smoothie you can make. Most Vitamix containers are either 48 or 64oz. This is enough to make a massive batch of smoothies and probably have some leftover.

Most NutriBullet blenders are 24oz. You can get some bigger ones though!

Nutribullet container next to blender


NutriBullets are a bit limited in their scope. NutriBullets can blend ice and frozen fruit, but they can have a slightly slower time at doing it. Vitamix blenders can do just about anything. If you want to make soup, stews, or curries, you can actually do that in a Vitamix!


Most NutriBullet blenders only come with a 1 year warranty and even then, it doesn’t cover much. Vitamix blenders come with a much longer warranty! The Propel and Ascent series each have 10yr warranties. The Explorian series is just 5 years, but still much better than NutriBullet’s.

Vitamix vs NutriBullet Blender Comparisons

It’s tough to compare brands at a 30,000ft level because each product is different. Both brands have a wide selection of blenders with varying sizes, power levels, and functions.

My wife and I own several of each blender brand’s products because we like to test everything before we make recommendations.

These are the best and most popular specific products of each brand.

Vitamix E310

Vitamix E310

The Vitamix E310 is the most accessible blender they offer. It usually runs for $300-400 and is the most affordable one. It still has all the same Vitamix power and durability at a cheaper price point.

If you want the most affordable Vitamix that’s high quality – get the Vitamix e310. It’s a super powerful blender with 1500 watts and it holds 48oz. Check out our full Vitamix e310 review if you want a deep dive.

Vitamix A3500

Vitamix blender

The Vitamix A3500 is the cadillac of the Vitamix brand. It’s the best, most powerful, and most advanced model they have. We own the A3500 gold edition which looks amazing.

If you want the best blender in the world, this is the one for you. It’s simple. There’s no better blender out there, but it comes at a steep price. Check out our full Vitamix A3500 review if you want a deep dive.

NutriBullet 900

The NutriBullet 900 is one of the best products by the brand! It’s the perfect blender if you want a strong personal sized unit that won’t break the bank. It’s cheaper than the NutriBullet 1000, but 50% more powerful than the 600. The 900 also comes in 14 different colors which is fun if you want more options!

NutriBullet smart touch

NutriBullet is known for their personal blenders, but they do offer a couple of standard size options. The NutriBullet smart touch is their most apples-to-apples competitor to Vitamix products. It’s got 1500 watts and holds 64oz! It also has a number of smart features similar to the Vitamix ascent series.

Vitamix Overview

Vitamix has four lines of blenders: Ascent, Explorian, Legacy, and their new Propel line. The Legacy line contains some of the classic Vitamix blenders that made them who they are today. Their blenders are expensive but Vitamix is worth the money!

Over the last five years, Vitamix has expanded their product lines to include both budget and luxury offerings. The Explorian series is their budget line while the Ascent series is their luxury line.

They also recently introduced a new series called the Propel line. This new line has two blenders: the Propel 510 and the Propel 750. We recently got both of these and will be testing them soon!

There are a bunch of places to buy a Vitamix, but be sure to check out our list of the best Vitamix blenders before you do!


vitamix comparison breakdown

Pros and Cons of Vitamix



  • Most expensive – The high quality of Vitamix comes at a cost. Their cheapest blenders are $350-400 and they go up to $750.
  • Not great for individuals – The smallest Vitamix containers are 48oz and the rule of thumb is that you want to fill it up at least halfway for optimal blending. This means you want at least 24oz of ingredients. This is more than most individuals would want for a single serving.

NutriBullet Overview

NutriBullet is one of the best blender brands on the market. They are most famous for their personal sized blenders like the NutriBullet 600, 900, and 1000. We own and have tested most of their blenders!

What sets NutriBullet apart is the affordability. It’s the best blender brand for the price. We’ve done comparisons of the NutriBullet 600 vs 900 and the NutriBullet 900 vs 1000 so you can know which one is right for you!

Pros and Cons of NutriBullet


  • Affordability – NutriBullet is the most affordable when it comes to the popular brands. You can get a solid blender for $100 that should last at least 2-3 years.
  • Ease of use – NutriBullet blenders are incredibly easy to use. You don’t have to worry about advanced functions or tech features. Just flip the switch on and turn it off when you’re done blending. NutriBullets can be used as a food processor as well!
  • Best for single servings – NutriBullet blenders are around 24oz containers so they’re the best size if you’re just making a smoothie for yourself.
  • Dishwasher safe – NutriBullet blenders are dishwasher safe, which is a big time saver!


  • Durability – NutriBullet blenders aren’t known for being incredibly durable. They’ll most likely last anywhere from 18-36mo if you’re using them consistently
  • Bad warranty – The warranty for NutriBullet blenders is limited in it’s coverage and it only lasts for one year.

Common Questions in Comparing Vitamix vs NutriBullet

What is the main difference between Vitamix and NutriBullet?

The main difference between Vitamix and NutriBullet is the power and overall quality. Vitamix blenders are usually 1500 watts compared to 600-1000 by NutriBullet. They also last 8-10 years compared to 2-3.

Is a NutriBullet as good as a Vitamix?

NutriBullet isn’t as good as Vitamix. They are less powerful, less durable, smaller, and have a shorter warranty, but they are significantly cheaper!

Is a Vitamix or a NutriBullet best for making smoothies?

Vitamix blenders are the best for making smoothies. They are much more powerful than NutriBullet’s and have a better suction vortex that sucks the ingredients down towards the blades, resulting in zero chunks or stringy bits of food.

Is a Vitamix or NutriBullet easier to clean?

Vitamix blenders are much easier to clean because you can do the self-cleaning function. Just add a few drops of dish soap into the container with some water and blend it for 30 seconds!

Our Verdict: Should You Buy a Vitamix or a NutriBullet?

Vitamix and NutriBullet both create amazing blenders. Both products are durable and perform over time. I’m confident that if you purchase a blender from either brand, you’ll love it. My wife and I own both brands and use them all the time. It just depends what we’re trying to do in the kitchen. 

If we had to pick one brand to go with, we’d go with Vitamix. But it really depends on what you’re looking for.

  • Vitamix – Best for families, highest quality, and more versatile (soups, stews, curries, margaritas)
  • NutriBullet – Most affordable and best for single serve

I hope this Vitamix vs NutriBullet comparison helped you decide which brand is right for you!

If you’re interested to see how Ninja stacks up, check out our Vitamix vs Ninja or Ninja for NutriBullet comparisons.

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