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Where Are Vitamix Blenders Made? USA + China?

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Vitamix is one of the best blender brands on the market.

They’re the undisputed champs in the blender game and for good reason. Their blenders are powerful, last forever, and come with an incredible warranty.

But where are Vitamix blenders made? The answer is actually not super simple.

Key Points:

  1. Vitamix blender containers and blades are made in the USA (Ohio).
  2. Vitamix motors and other parts are manufactured in China and shipped to the US.
  3. All of the parts are assembled in the USA.

As long as 70% of the parts and process are handled domestically, Vitamix can claim that they are “Made in the USA!”

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where are vitamix blenders made

Where is Vitamix Made?

Vitamix blenders are made in the USA, but many of the parts used to build the machines are outsourced from other countries.

Specifically, Vitamix blender containers and blades are made in the USA, while other parts such as the motors are imported. The parts are put together wholly in the USA.

Not only does Vitamix assemble its blenders on-site in Cleveland, Ohio, but the company also tests each Vitamix machine at this location. Vitamix employees have an incredible team of people who hand-install most of the Vitamix parts together. Of course, there are still machines that install parts too.

Where is Vitamix headquarters?

Vitamix blenders are made in Cleveland, Ohio, in Olmsted Township. Vitamix has always been designed and constructed in the USA. The Vita-Mix Corporation has been operating in Ohio since 1921, having settled in its current headquarters in the Olmsted Township in 1948.

Here is a fantastic video featuring the inside of the Vitamix Headquarters from Life is No Yoke. It’s worth watching!

Is Vitamix made in China?

Vitamix are only ‘assembled in the USA’. Some parts of the machine are outsourced from elsewhere in the world.

According to Panjiva, a trusted market intelligence database, the top country that supplies Vitamix is China. This data confirms that the Vitamix motor is definitely made in China.

So, while Vitamix blenders are still technically made in the USA, some of the parts used are constructed elsewhere. However, some may feel that the company’s ‘Made in America’ promise may be misleading because of this info, as arguably the most vital parts of the building process are not done in the USA.

Once some of the parts arrive to the warehouse headquarters in the USA, the company ensures that it tests high-quality components before building the blenders, making sure that each Vitamix blender maintains the company’s high standard.

Do Vitamix blenders claim to be 100% USA-made?

Some older models may read ‘made in the USA’ on the individual parts. This is truthful, given that the company didn’t always outsource parts from China. However, the recent models will no longer state this.

Instead, Vitamix blender parts may read ‘Engineered and Assembled in the USA’ or ‘Made in the USA with a minimum of 70% USA content’. Both of these statements would be truthful.

The fact that Vitamix blenders are mostly American-made is one of the reasons why Vitamix blenders are so expensive.

Are Costco Vitamix and Normal Vitamix Machines Made at the Same Place?

Costco Vitamix blenders are put together at the company’s plant in Olmsted Township, Cleveland, Ohio, alongside the other Vitamix blenders. There is no difference in buying a Vitamix blender from Costco or any other establishment versus buying directly from the Vitamix website, besides the changing prices of course. Their high-quality is all the same.

The History of Vitamix Blenders

Vitamix has been a manufacturer of industry-leading products for over 100 years now. The company started in 1921 under the name the Natural Food Institute as the vehicle of William Grover ‘Papa’ Barnard, who traveled the country selling kitchen appliances.

Papa Barnard started dealing with blenders in the late 1930s. Around this time, he started referring to his products as Vitamix, and also changed the company name to this. Interestingly, Barnard starred in the first ever infomercial, promoting the Vitamix blender, in the late 1940s. You can view a clip of the 1949 infomercial here.

In the 1960s, the company issued the Vitamix 3600, which was the first blender that could blend ice cream, make hot soup, and knead bread dough.

Throughout the following decades, Vitamix stayed within the Barnard family, with Dr. Jodi Berg being the latest family member to inherit the company in 2009.

From 1948 until now, the company has also been operating entirely from its headquarters in Olmsted Township, Ohio.

Common Questions About Vitamix

Is Vitamix considered an American company?

Vitamix – originally known as the Natural Food Institute – has been operating in America for over 100 years now, and still bases itself in the USA. Although some blender parts are bought from other countries and other countries sell Vitamix products – including the UK – Vitamix is still a 100% American company.

Is every Vitamix blender made in the USA?

Every version of Vitamix that is currently in the company’s range is made in the USA. Some parts, including the engines, are made in China and shipped to the USA. However, all the parts are put together in the USA.

Final Verdict: Where are Vitamix Blenders Made?

Vitamix blenders are mostly made and assembled in the USA. The Vitamix containers and bases are made in the USA while some of the more technological parts are made overseas.

Those techy parts are then shipped to Ohio where Vitamix does all of their domestic manufacturing. The parts are then assembled and shipped out to buyers!

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