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Myth Busted! You can’t use a Blendjet while it’s charging!

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My wife and I recently bought a Blendjet 2 and have been having fun testing it out! It’s super quiet and blends surprisingly well for being a personal sized blender.

The battery lasts for about 15 uses and once it runs out your Blendjet will be flashing red and purple.

You might be wondering, “Can you use a Blendjet while charging?”

The short answer is no. We reached out to Blendjet directly to ask them and they said no. We were shocked because several other websites say that you can or even encourage it.

We’ll share the full answer below so keep reading!

I’ll also answer a bunch of questions related to Blendjet charging times.

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    Can You Use Blendjet While Charging?

    You cannot use a Blendjet while it’s charging. There is a safety mechanism built in that prevents your Blendjet from turning on while you are charging it. We read online that you could use a Blenjdet while charging, but it didn’t work when we tried it.

    I emailed Blendjet’s support team and they confirmed that you cannot use a Blendjet while it’s charging.

    Can you use a blendjet while charging

    Common Questions About Charging a Blendjet

    What happens if you use a Blendjet while it’s charging?

    The Blendjet 2 has a safety feature built in so that you can no longer use a Blendjet while it’s charging. We reached out to Blendjet and tested it ourselves. The blender will not turn on while you are charging it. You can charge it for 7-15 minutes to get enough battery for one round of blending and unplug it to use it.

    How long does it take to fully charge Blendjet?

    It 60-90 minutes to fully charge a Blendjet. Your Blendjet charging time will depend on if the battery is completely dead when you begin charging.

    How do you know when a Blendjet is fully charged?

    You’ll know your Blendjet is fully charged when the light around the power button forms a complete blue circle.

    What is the battery life of Blendjet?

    The battery life of a Blendjet is about 15 blends!

    purple blendjet smoothie

    Tips and Tricks for Charging a Blendjet

    1. Don’t charge it when wet – If you’ve read the Blendjet user guide this is the number one rule! They don’t want you to charge your Blendjet if it’s wet.
    2. Charge it all the way – Blendjet recommends fully charging your blender before using it. This is optimal for the motor and long-term battery life.
    3. Watch for red lights – If your Blendjet 1 has a solid red light or if your Blendjet 2 is blinking red and purple – these could be signs that it’s time to charge your blender!
    4. Purple lights are a warning – If your Blendjet is flashing purple then you’re on low battery!
    blendjet red light flashing

    Final Verdict: Should you Use a Blendjet While it’s Charging?

    The final verdict is that you should not use a Blendjet while it’s charging. It won’t be possible if you have a Blendjet 2 and if you own a Blendjet 1, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. They upgraded the safety mechanism for a reason!

    Your Blendjet will work best if you allow it to fully charge before using it.

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