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Quick Fix! Blendjet Red Light (Blinking & Solid)

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My wife and I recently bought a Blendjet 2 and we love it! It’s one of the easiest to use and most effective personal size blenders.

But there is a bit of a learning curve. Whenever your Blendjet isn’t working, the light around the power button on the front will change colors to signal what is wrong.

You might be wondering, “Why is my Blendjet blinking red?” or maybe your Blendjet’s light is solid red.

Today I’m going to break down both of your Blendjet’s red light issues.

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    blendjet solid red light jammed with green question marks

    Blendjet Red Light Color Meanings

    There are two different Blendjet red light warnings: 1) flashing red light and 2) solid red light.

    The Blendjet flashing red light means that the blender container isn’t aligned with the base. You just need to take it out and put it back in so that the arrows line up (picture below).

    The Blendjet solid red light is a bit trickier because the Blendjet 1 and Blendjet 2 both have this as a warning light but they mean different things.

    What Does the Blendjet Red Light Mean?

    ColorBlendjet 1Blendjet 2
    Blendjet flashing red n/aJar and base not aligned
    Red light (solid)Out of battery Blades are jammed

    Help! Why is My Blendjet Blinking Red?

    If your Blendjet has a flashing red light then your container isn’t properly connected to the base. The blinking red light is actually a safety mechanism. It’ll get triggered when the tiny magnets aren’t lined up.

    blendjet red light flashing

    Thankfully, it’s an easy fix.

    There are arrows on the back of the jar and the base. You just need them to line up and the power button will stop blinking red. If your Blendjet is blinking red after charging maybe this will fix it!

    blendjet arrows aligned with green circle around it

    How to Fix a Blendjet Solid Red Light

    If your Blendjet has a solid red light it’s easy to fix!

    Your Blendjet could have two potential issues depending on which version you own. The Blendjet 1’s solid red light just means the blender is dead and you just need to charge it.

    If you own a Blendjet 2 and see a solid red light, then it’s because your blades are jammed or blocked and the blender blades can’t move through your ingredients.

    blendjet solid red light blades jammed
    WARNING! We always recommend blending fruit with a liquid! We needed to show a picture of the Blendjet blades getting stuck so we waited to add the liquid here.

    The easiest way to fix this is to turn your blender upside down. The ingredients will fall down. Once you turn it back to normal the blades should be able to slice right through.

    If your food still gets stuck, then turn it over again, but this time press the blend button so that the blades start moving. Then when you turn it back over the food will hit the blades while they’re already moving at full speed.

    If that doesn’t work, add some liquid and try again. You might have used too much ice or frozen fruit, which can sometimes be tough to blend.

    blendjet blades stuck with food
    You can see food stuck in the blades, so we turned it upside down. Make sure your top lid is screwed on tightly before trying this!

    Two Common Questions About Blendjet Red Lights

    Why is My Blendjet Blinking Red After Charging?

    A Blendjet might be blinking red after charging if the jar isn’t properly attached to the base. Check to make sure the arrows are lined up and try to wiggle it a bit until it locks into place. Your Blendjet’s flashing red light should turn white when it’s ready to use.

    How Do You Know When Your Blendjet is Fully Charged?

    A Blendjet is fully charged when the power light on the front forms a complete blue circle. If your Blendjet won’t charge then you might need to try troubleshooting it.

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