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6 Reasons Why Your Blendjet Won’t Charge

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My wife and I recently bought a Blendjet 2 and we’ve been having fun with it! It’s one of the best personal sized blenders on the market.

The only frustration is sometimes my Blendjet won’t charge when I think it should be. I went down the rabbit hole of Blendjet troubleshooting.

Today I’m sharing everything I learned about what to do when your Blendjet isn’t charging.

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    Why is My Blendjet Not Charging?

    There are 6 common reasons why your Blendjet isn’t charging properly! It could be an issue with your blender base, the charger port, the battery, the cord, or the outlet you’re plugged into. It’s possible that there’s just a small blockage that’s getting in the way.

    If your Blendjet is blinking red and purple then that means it’s dead and needs to be charged. If you have an older model then your Blendjet’s solid red light is the color to look for.

    When your blender is charging you’ll see a circle on the front that gradually becomes fully blue. That’s a sign that your Blendjet is charging.

    So if you’re blender is plugged in and you don’t see a blue light, then your Blendjet isn’t charging.

    6 Reasons Why Your Blendjet Won’t Charge

    If your Blendjet charger isn’t working then it’s most likely because of a parts issue.

    1. Battery went bad

    One of the most common issues is that your Blendjet’s battery could be broken. The most likely cause of this is the battery getting overheated. Overusing the blender can cause the battery to burn out.

    The other way the battery can stop working is if you try charging your Blendjet while it’s still wet.

    2. Broken USB cable

    The Blendjet uses a standard USB cable to connect the base to the charger adaptor. Your Blendjet will come with one, but they aren’t the highest quality of cords.

    You may just need to use a new USB cord. There’s a good chance you have one lying around your house somewhere. Swap it out and see if that fixes your problem.

    broken USB cord

    3. Charger adaptor isn’t working

    The USB cord plugs into the blender base on one side and it connects to the charger adaptor on the other side. The adaptor then plugs into your outlet.

    There’s a chance this part has stopped functioning properly. You can replace it or buy another USB adaptor.

    4. Check your outlet

    The reason your Blendjet won’t charge might have nothing to do with the blender. It’s possible that your outlet isn’t working.

    Try plugging in your phone or another electronic to see if you can charge it.

    5. Damaged blender base

    Sometimes the blender base of a Blendjet gets damaged and stops functioning. The most likely reason is when you tried to charge your Blendjet while it was still wet. This could cause the blender base to short out.

    The same thing could also happen if you tried running it through the dishwasher. The Blendjet is not dishwasher safe, but it is water-resistant. It’s safe to wash it without submerging it under water.

    handwashing a blendjet in the kitchen sink

    6. Blocked charging port

    The charging port is where the USB cord plugs into your Blendjet. There’s a chance your cord isn’t able to fully insert into your blender base because something is blocking it. Try the old fashioned trick of trying to blow air into the charging port to clear out any dirt or bits of food.

    Final Verdict: How to Fix a Blendjet that Won’t Charge

    If you’ve tried everything to fix your Blendjet that isn’t charging then you may just have a faulty product. It’s possible that you accidentally created an issue either by overheating the Blendjet or by trying to charge it when it’s wet. These can cause the battery, base, or cords to burn out and no longer work.

    If you think you have a product issue, your best bet is to reach out to Blendjet’s customer service and see if they can help.

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