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Vitamix 7500 Review – Is It Still Worth Buying?

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Vitamix is one of the best blender brands on the market. They’re the undisputed champs in the blender game and for good reason. Their blenders are powerful, last forever, and come with an incredible warranty.

We’re huge fans of Vitamix products and have personally bought, used, or tested 10 different models. 

If you are looking for a high-performance blender then the Vitamix 7500 is one of them. The only question to ask: Is the 7500 still worth buying?

The Vitamix 7500 is one of the flagship blenders and it’s been one of their top-performing blenders. They still manufacture the legacy 7500 blender, but they have released 20 more models with newer features.

We’re going to do a deep dive Vitamix 7500 review so that you can know everything you need to know.

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Vitamix 7500

Quick Summary: Vitamix 7500 Review

With its 64 ounce container and stainless steel blades, the Vitamix 7500 is suitable for both personal and commercial use. Its large BPA-free copolyester container makes cooking in large quantities a breeze.

You’re not limited to juices. From soups and sauces to smooth purées, this blender’s pulse feature offers you maximum versatility. With variable speed control, there are ten different speeds to choose from, allowing you to achieve your desired texture with ease while blending fruit without destroying fiber.

You can layer coarse chops to achieve complex and delicious textures, making the 7500 blender ideal for professional or semi-professional chefs.

The hardened stainless steel blades are also air-craft grade quality, so there’s truly nothing that you can’t blend!

Addressing previous complaints about the 5200’s noisiness, Vitamix’s design team added noise-dampening technology to the 7500. This means that customers can enjoy the same horsepower without the disruptive noise output; the Vitamix 7500 is up to 40% quieter than earlier models! Check out this post to see how you can reduce blender noise.

Vitamix 7500
Power2.2 HP
Capacity64 oz
BladesStainless steel


  • Large container – If you’re batch cooking or feeding a family, you’ll be thankful for the 7500’s 64-ounce container. It is comparatively larger than other models on the market, while still being neat enough to fit in most kitchen cabinets.
  • Self-cleaning – To clean the Vitamix 7500, you can simply add a small amount of dish soap and warm water and let the blender run for 30 seconds. Say goodbye to frustrating cleanup with this high-tech blender from Vitamix!
  • Variable speed control – Whether you’re making fresh juice or blending a soup, the Vitamix 7500 offers 10 different speed controls, including a pulse function.


  • The bulkiness of the large container – Though the 64-ounce container is great for cooking in bulk, it does take up a little more space. If you’ve got a small kitchen with limited storage space, a more discreet model is probably a better choice.
  • Price point – Costs a great deal more than a traditional blender which could arguably do the same job for a fraction of the cost.
  • Accessories not included – Useful accessories like a smaller 32oz container and scraper are sold separately, further driving up the price.

Things We Learned After Testing the Vitamix 7500

We recently tested the Vitamix 7500 and identified a number of key things to know. These are the kinds of insights you won’t read on the manufacturer’s box. 

  1. Not great for small batches – One of the unexpected cons of Vitamixes is that they perform better with more food/liquid. For the Vitamix 7500, you’ll want to make at least 16-32oz or else it won’t work well.
  2. Container gets cloudy – One downside is that the plastic container gets cloudy over time. Even if you’re quick to wash and dry the container, it can get a bit hard to read the measurements. 
  3. Hard to fit – The 64oz container comes taller than many of the current Vitamixes. It’s also larger than the average kitchen cabinet.  
  4. Clean right away – The self cleaning function of the Vitamix works incredibly well, but only if you do it right when you’re done blending. If you wait too long the food will have time to harden and get stuck.
  5. It moves – This blender is high speed and doesn’t have some of the modern tech of the newer blenders. This means that it sometimes will inch across your counter if you aren’t holding it in place. 

The multiple settings are what made this one of the top blenders for Indian cooking! It’s great for creating recipes with different consistencies. 

vitamix 7500 review

How does the 7500 compare to other Vitamixes?

Vitamix 75002.2 HP64 oz$$
Vitamix 52002 HP64 oz$
Vitamix E3102 HP48 oz$
Vitamix A35002.2 HP64 oz$$
Vitamix A33002.2 HP64 oz$$
Vitamix ONEnot provided32 oz$
Vitamix “The Quiet One”3 HP48 oz$$$
Vitamix 52014.2 HP192 oz$$$$

As you can see, the Vitamix 7500 is on par with other Vitamix blenders in terms of power, capacity, and price. 

The Vitamix 7500 is perfect for…

  • Expert chefs who want the latest kitchen tech – As one of Vitamix’s higher-end models, you can expect premium quality from the 7500. If you’re happy to pay for maximum functionality and efficiency in your kitchen, this blender is for you.
  • Large households – Both the 7500 and the E320 have a 64-ounce capacity, making them ideal for batch cooking, entertaining guests, and whipping up a delicious meal for the whole family.
  • Small professional kitchens – Out of all of Vitamix’s blenders, the 7500 is the one most commonly found in professional kitchens. Its variable speeds and stainless steel blades mean that it’s more than up to the task of professional cooking!
  • Anyone looking for a quieter Vitamix blender – If noisiness has posed an issue in the past, you’ll be relieved to hear about the 7500’s noise dampening feature! Say goodbye to a hectic environment and hello to culinary tranquility with this low-volume model.

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Deep Dive: Is the Vitamix 7500 Worth Buying?

Even though this isn’t Vitamix’s newest blender, it comes fully loaded with many of the same features. I’ll walk through the highlights of the different features and components of the Vitamix 7500. 


As we have already discussed above, Vitamix blenders are not the cheapest on the market. We discussed why Vitamix blenders are so expensive. They are certainly more of an investment rather than an off the cuff purchase. 

Even though they are on the higher end of the market, this is certainly justified when you look at the overall quality of the mixer. The price of the Vitamix 7500 is certainly worth it if you want a top of the line blender. 

Buy cheap and you’ll buy twice. Avoid it by spending money on quality like Vitamix.


When looking at the overall design of the Vitamix 7500, it is fairly simple, yet effective. It is available to purchase in 3 different colors – black, white, and red. Given this, the mixer will match the majority of kitchen decors.

It is not overly big, and its dimensions are 17.5 x 7.7 x 9.4 inches. Weighing only 13 pounds, it is fairly easy to transport and can be put away when not in use. However, as it is fairly compact in how much countertop space it takes up, it can be left out with no issues if you have an average sized kitchen.

This blender uses a metal drive system and has a cool-running 2.2 HP motor to help prevent the blender from overheating. The motor is long-lasting and can withstand the blending of tougher and frozen foods. 


One of the best features of the Vitamix 7500 is that it is self-cleaning, this is great for those who want the cleanup time to be minimal. 

To clean the Vitamix 7500, while you can separate the container from the base and clean it manually, you just need to add water and dish soap to the blender.

Place it on the highest setting and it will clean the blender fully in only 60 seconds. 

Blender blades

All of the materials used in the Vitamix 7500 are of great quality and are particularly durable. The blades inside the blender are made from aircraft-grade stainless steel that has been laser-cut. 

They are sharp while being dull resistant and bend resistant. This is great if you are blending particularly tough food. The blades measure 4 inches in diameter and provide consistent and equal results. 

Another great feature of the blades is the blade friction heating. As the blades spin so quickly, they can take cold ingredients to a very warm temperature in a matter of minutes. You can also use a blender to whip egg whites very carefully for a variety of recipes.

This is great if you are making things such as soup or baby food as it will significantly reduce the overall cooking time.


The container is made using durable materials and it has a precise design. It is created in a way that will fold the ingredients into the blades at a quicker rate.

This creates the well known Vitamix vortex that will help to blend food more consistently and smoothly.

The 64oz cup is only 9 inches, keeping a nice low profile without sacrificing volume. The high-grade Tritan copolyester plastic is highly durable and shaped to have a narrow top to encourage a vortex, pulling ingredients down and aiding blending. The container also has a removable plug at the top to eliminate air pockets and add extras like chilies or lemon juice.


The controls on the Vitamix could not be more simple. It features a power switch, a pulse switch, and a speed knob. The pulse feature allows you to create the type of consistency you need. While the majority of blending needs to be smooth.

Ten speed settings allow you to choose between chopping, pureeing, and grinding, and different blender attachments also allow for whipping and emulsifying. 

If you are creating a salsa, for example, you may still require a thicker or chunkier texture. The pulse feature allows you to do this. Instead of providing consistent power, it will provide power in short bursts when turned on, giving you control of how the food is blended. 

Vitamix 7500 settings

The speed settings are variable and range from slow to particularly fast. Again this helps you to have complete control over the consistency of the food you are blending. Overall the speed provides a powerful blend that is impressive.

There are many different ways you can use the Vitamix, such as – blending, chopping, heating, grinding, and emulsifying. As it is multipurpose you will certainly find many uses for it after purchasing.

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This blender is particularly easy to use. It is simple and straightforward. The friction settings work in minutes to create things like hot soup.

If you are using cold foods, you can also make things such as ice-cream or chilled desserts in a matter of a few minutes too. There are no limits to the kinds of foods you can create using this blender.  

Specially designed tamper

One of the best features of the Vitamix 7500 is the Specially Designed Tamper. The tamper can be used to help the blending process if any particularly stubborn foods will not blend. 

The tamper is durable and can be placed through the top of the blender lid. This means that you will not have to worry about removing the lid and creating a mess. 


As the Vitamix 7500 is an investment, having a warranty is important. This blender comes with 7 years free warranty, which is particularly great and will give you peace of mind when purchasing. 

If you are looking for a further warranty, this warranty can be extended to 10 years. However, the extension will come at an additional cost. 

Common Questions on the Vitamix 7500

Is the Vitamix 7500 worth it?

The Vitamix 7500 isn’t the cheapest blender on the market but it does offer great value for money. While you may gravitate towards cheaper brands, alternative models lack the features that the 7500 boasts. These include: 10 variable speed settings plus a pulse mode, a tamper – which can be used while the blender is running, and self-cleaning function for effortless cleanup in just 60 seconds.

How much HP does a Vitamix 7500 have?

The Vitamix 7500 offers a massive 2.2 horsepower, meaning it can effortlessly cut through any ingredients you put into it. The E320 also has a 2.2 HP motor.

How old is the Vitamix 7500 model?

The Vitamix 7500 was released in 2014 and is one of Vitamix’s earlier product offerings. It’s now part of the Legacy series. 

Conclusion: Should you Buy the Vitamix 7500?

Overall, the Vitamix 7500 is a powerful blender that is more versatile than newer blenders from other low-cost brands.

The 7500 is fantastic for making large batches of food and creating foods of different consistencies. The stainless steel blades and high powered model make it great for daily usage. 

Even though the 7500 is one of the legacy blenders, it’s still a great purchase.

I hope our Vitamix 7500 review helped you make the right decision!

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