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8 Best Blenders for Hummus Making

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Picking a new blender for your kitchen is a huge decision. Quality blenders are expensive and last forever so whatever you buy, you’re going to be stuck with. 

If you love making hummus at home, we’ve got you covered! 

We’ve got an epic review of the best blenders for hummus for you to pick from.

The team at World of Blenders (a master home cook and a professional chef) used 3 criteria to find the best hummus blender:

  1. Power (horsepower)
  2. Price
  3. Capacity

You can scroll down to our buyers guide to see why these criteria matter.

For making hummus at home, you need a powerful blender that ideally comes with multiple settings. The goal is to make perfectly smooth hummus. 

That’s why our top two picks are:

  • Overall best: NutriBullet 1200W. This blender is incredibly powerful, has great capacity, and is the cheapest “standard” blender on the whole list. I highly recommend it! 
  • Most affordable: Nutribullet GO. If you’re tight on funds, but need a new hummus blender–this is our go to option. It’s a personal blender so it will only make 13oz at a time, but do you really need to make 64oz of hummus? Probably not. 

Our Philosophy & Process for Product Reviews

We know how frustrating it can be to research products online.

Our goal is that you never have to return a product that we recommend because it’s exactly what you wanted.

Our team has spent over 50 hours researching and comparing all of the most popular blenders. We’ve read through hundreds of customer testimonials and reviews and we’ve personally tested dozens of different blenders. We’ve written over 60 articles helping people find the best blender for their specific needs. 

best blender for hummus

8 Best Blenders for Hummus

Here’s a quick overview showing all of our top picks and the factors we looked at in our research. You can click through on any model to check out the recent price. You can also take a look at other customer’s blender reviews.

ProductBest forPower CapacityTypePrice
NutriBullet 1200WBest overall1.6 HP32 ozStandard$$
Vitamix 5200Most balanced2 HP64 ozStandard$$$
Nutribullet GOMost affordable0.1 HP13 ozPersonal$
KitchenAid K400 Variable speedEasiest to use1.5 HP56 oz Standard$$
Mueller AustriaBest immersion0.7 HPn/aImmersion$
NutriBullet PersonalBest personal0.8 HP24 ozPersonal$
Vitamix 7500Most powerful2.2 HP64 ozStandard$$$$
Vitamix ONEBest appearancenot provided32 ozStandard$$

1. Overall Best Blender For Hummus – NutriBullet 1200W Blender Combo

For over a decade, Nutribullet has been the first word in food processors. Nutribullet blazed a trail for home blenders and set a high standard of demands from customers.

Making a name for themselves as smoothie makers, it made sense for Nutribullet to diversify and bring their powerful engine technology and accessible interface to bear in food processors.

The sleek, clean style is immediately recognizable as Nutribullet product, and, true to form, they have developed a product that makes accomplishing a host of kitchen tasks easy for the average home chef.

The powerful motor is a classic Nutribullet selling point, and the 1200W motor of this blender is no slouch. This food processor can turn peanuts into butter and will blitz through canned chickpeas. This NutriBullet is also affordable – putting it on our list of the best blenders under $200.

Three speed settings and a pulse mode allow for freedom when choosing the consistency for your hummus. Once you’ve pulsed your peas, simply switch up your speeds on the fly – for chunky hummus blend for 30 seconds, 45 seconds for smooth hummus.

That being said, this powerful blender might prove too much for chickpeas. Some users have complained that the motor is simply too powerful to allow for chunky hummus. It’s important to bear in mind that Nutribullet’s background in the smoothie market is something their motors are still primed for.

This powerful blender is built with families in mind, with a large 64oz pitcher to match its motor, allowing for plenty of capacity for large batches. Small batches are also easy in the 32oz and 24oz cups, and that smaller capacity aids in the blending process.

There are some unfortunate instances of people’s motors overheating or leaking black liquid, in some instances leading to the food processor breaking altogether.

Now, these are anecdotal stories, outweighed massively by positive experiences; however, it’s worth acknowledging that while this sort of thing is very unlikely, it seems to be the dice we roll whatever model of food processor we choose.

NutriBullet 1200W
Power1.6 HP
Capacity32 oz


  • Powerful: This 1200W blender is ideal for blending chickpeas to a smooth consistency – it’ll make light work of it, too! The power makes it one of our favorite blenders for vegans.
  • Price: This is a great value package for what you get – three cups and the blender.
  • Different cups: The variation in cup sizes allows plenty of freedom for batch sizes, and the lids allow you to store your hummus in BPA-free plastic, saving on the washing-up, too!


  • Perhaps too powerful: The motor might be too powerful to let you have chunky hummus if that is your preference – you’ll need to pulse it carefully.
  • Storage: It’s very big and certainly only worth buying if you’ve got the storage or don’t mind it taking up space on your kitchen tabletop.
  • Can overheat: In some cases, the powerful motor has been known to overheat. Always follow the instructions and watch the blender carefully during use.

2. Most Balanced – Vitamix 5200 Professional-Grade Blender

Immediately we can tell we’re dealing with a different level of food processor simply by looking at its price tag of around $400 on average, roughly double the cost of the Nutribullet.

This Vitamix professional blender is a classic blender choice that receives rave reviews across the board and while the price might make your eyes water, the money is going on this blender’s powerful, durable engineering and not for the label.

This Vitamix blender is made out of high-integrity Triton copolyester and is built to last. While buying a cheaper blender might seem smart in the short term, having to buy a new one a few months later? Not so smart. Vitamix understands that you’re paying a lot of money for their Vitamix Professional Series Blender and have designed it to last.

This durable blender has auto overload protection and an advanced cooling system that kicks in as soon as the motor begins to overheat, either cooling it down or shutting it off altogether. Not that this blender is going to struggle with canned chickpeas, but it’s good to know it won’t overheat.

Check out our full write-up for more info: Vitamix 5200 review

The four-pronged blender blades are three inches long, made from airplane quality steel, and are fixed firmly into place in the engine. Their wet blade design is perfect for churning up frozen ingredients and nuts and is perfect for getting that smooth texture in your homemade hummus.

This food processor has ten speed settings, and the blades in this powerful blender can even spin fast enough to heat up hot soups or grind up coffee beans!

The motor is a little more powerful than the previous model at 1380W, but it has a focus more on quality of engineering than pure horsepower. The engine has a ball bearing design which reduces friction in the engine and increases efficiency and lifespan.

And once you’re done prepping your hummus, cleaning the Vitamix 5200 is easy. Simply put a little hot water and some dish soap in the pitcher, switch it on, and the motor will take care of the rest. For what it’s worth, the 5200 is also one of the best blenders for Indian food!

Vitamix 5200
Power2 HP
Capacity64 oz


  • High-quality materials: Built out of durable plastic with a well-made engine that is built to last.
  • Powerful: Large, stainless steel blades cut through ingredients with ease. It will handle other ingredients well too – not just chickpeas.
  • Easy to use: Varied choice in speed control for choosing different speeds on the fly.
  • Easy to clean: It will clean itself – just add some soap and switch it on.


  • Expensive: At around $400, this blender does not come cheap.
  • Limited batch sizes: This blender only comes with a single large 64oz pitcher and no smaller options.
  • Can overheat: Rare instances of the motor overheating – always follow the manual to prevent this.
hummus and ingredients

3. Most Affordable – NutriBullet Go Portable Blender

The first and only cordless, battery-powered blender on the list, but is it one of the best blenders for hummus?

The set includes a 13oz cup, as well as a 70-watt motor base and charger cord for the winning price of around $35.

You’ll notice off the bat how small this blender is, which adds to its slick and minimal style. However, it’s recommended that you only fill the 13oz cup up to the 10oz line, making the already minimal capacity even smaller. That being said, this is built with being a travel blender in mind and what it gives up in size is to be expected.

If you’re choosing a blender for traveling, this is a great choice. Its scaled-back design and small BPA-free cup fits perfectly into your hand, making it a great size for popping into your luggage or backpack without taking up any space. The GO includes a USB charger allowing easy charging from a laptop.

The GO requires a three-hour charge, which is enough for 20 blends. Blending with the GO is as straightforward as with any Nutribullet product; you simply lock the cup in, and away it goes. The 70-watt motor produces minimal sound output and is the quietest blender on your list.

However, this is likely where you’ll run into some issues if you plan on using this blender for making hummus.

Its diminutive motor size can struggle with leafy greens, can just about turn almonds into a sandy texture, and really struggles with ice. You may find it unable to blend canned chickpeas and produce hummus to the consistency that you desire. This is to be expected from a small 70-watt motor.

Not only this, but the small cup can only hold 10oz, only fractionally larger than a soda can, which will present a big roadblock if you’re planning on making a larger batch. However, this isn’t an issue if you don’t mind making a bunch of hummus every day instead of one to last you for the week.

Its smaller size and the smaller engine don’t prime the GO for being one of the best blenders for hummus, but it’s important to bear in mind that it is designed to be a travel blender. If you’re traveling and absolutely have to have your hummus while you’re on the move, you can’t complain about the efficiency of the GO.

However, if you’re simply looking for a worktop blender for your home kitchen for making hummus, beyond its size and low noise, the GO might not be your first choice.

Nutribullet GO
Power0.1 HP
Capacity13 oz


  • Conveniently sized: The 130z cup easily fits into a backpack or suitcase, you can’t say the same for many other blenders!
  • Innovative design: Take your blender away with you when you travel.
  • Minimal engine noise: It’s one of the quietest blenders around; we all know how loud other models can be.


  • Small: The 130z cup only allows 10oz capacity since it can’t be overfilled.
  • Not very powerful: The low-powered engine may struggle when making hummus.

4. Easiest Hummus Blender to Use – KitchenAid K400 Variable Speed Blender

This compact countertop blender is a great choice if you seek a user-friendly, budget-friendly food processor for tasty homemade hummus.

This simple blender has everything you’d need, with five different speeds as well as a pulse and crushing option. It can be used to make sauces, baby food, and dips, so making hummus is no problem.

The five speed settings are helpfully labeled from stir, chop, mix, puree, and liquify, so blending and food processing are made easy. Mixing up speeds is straightforward and enables you to customize your consistency when making hummus. The pulse option can also be used in quick bursts to help you puff up your hummus.

The KitchenAid is presented in a classic style that echoes 50s decor. It comes in a selection of colors so you can make a statement with your blender (the red especially pops!). You can also price up a little and select the Artisan Series 5 Speed which comes with a glass jar instead of a plastic one.

Despite having a large base of around 9×8 inches, the tall, elegant BPA-free plastic jar gives it a sleek finish. The jar is 56oz, a perfect size for larger batches, only marginally smaller than the previous entries that rank much higher on the price scale.

The narrow design of this countertop blender’s jar funnels food to the bottom, making blending easier. It also has a little opening at the top so you can gradually add more chickpeas, or extra flavors like lemon juice or olive oil, with ease.

The motor in this KitchenAid blender is also as strong as blenders on the list with 1200w.

This means that you’ll be able to process your chickpeas quickly to achieve good creamy hummus consistency without blending away the nutritious fiber.

KitchenAid K400 Variable Speed
Power1.5 HP
Capacity56 oz


  • Size: The large jug is great for bigger batches, and the opening at the top makes mixing easy. The handle also provides an easy grip for holding and lifting.
  • Effective: Narrow jug makes blending more efficient.
  • Looks great: Sleek, timeless design with a choice of colors to fit your kitchen’s decor.


  • Limited power: The 1200-watt motor is not as powerful as some of the competition.
  • Bulky: The base weighs 12lbs, so bear that weight in mind if you’re planning on moving it around.
  • Can slip during use: The motor can cause the base to move around a lot while processing.

5. Best Immersion – Mueller Austria 500 Watt Stick

The first and only immersion hand blender on our list, the Mueller 500 watt stick is a compact and budget friendly-choice. Does it make for one of the best blenders for hummus?

Buying a blender can be a difficult choice simply based on the amount of money you’re expected to spend to afford a half-decent one. With this hand blender costing around $40, a fraction of previous models, that decision is an easy one.

This immersion blender packs a powerful 500-watt motor into its small frame, making it half as powerful as the KitchenAid. It has nine speed levels as well as a pulse or turbo mode. Be sure to hold the Mueller with both hands if using the turbo mode, as this handheld blender packs a punch!

Here’s a helpful video on how to make hummus with an immersion blender!

It’s great for blitzing ingredients into sauces, batters, and dips like hummus. However, running this handheld blender for more than a minute is likely to cause it to overheat; that’s simply the case with a cheaper product a lot of the time.

So using this immersion blender for hummus might take a little longer than using a food processor with a larger motor that can handle the stress. While blend quality isn’t compromised, if you’re looking for a more powerful blender that can get the job done quicker, then a free-standing choice might be better.

The blender end is easy to detach and clean, but the bell guard doesn’t have rounded edges, and the sharp plastic is likely to scratch your pans if you aren’t careful.

Mueller Austria
Power0.7 HP


  • Great value: At around $40, this hand blender is the cheapest on the list and a steal for a 500w motor.
  • Blend as fast or slow as you need: Nine speed settings and turbo and pulse mode offer plenty of freedom.
  • Easy to use: A comfortable grip allows for easy control.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Removable shaft for easy cleaning.


  • Only suitable for short use: Not designed for prolonged use and can overheat quickly.
  • Not suitable for all pans: The bell guard’s edges are sharp and could damage your pans.
  • Can be too powerful: Turbo mode makes the Mueller harder to control.

6. Best Personal – NutriBullet Personal Blender

This personal blender is the model that helped Nutribullet become the first word in food processing.

While a full-size blender can look great and make you feel like a kitchen professional, chances are if it’s just you or your partner, a giant 64oz might be overkill for whatever you’re planning to make.

The 24oz cup of this compact processor makes it a good choice as a blender for hummus for more manageable batches for smaller parties. The 600-watt motor combined with the small space of the cup makes for easy, efficient blending.

Its compact size also makes it ideal for storage when not in use, unlike other bigger models – it could be the best mixer for hummus if you’re looking for a smaller option.

The trademark simplicity of Nutribullet blenders makes them easy to clean. Whether you’re using just chickpeas or extras like olive oil that can make cleaning trickier, the two main blending components, the cup, and blades, are easy to detach and clean.

This blender uses the traditional Nutribullet twist and blend system so it only has one speed setting. The 600-watt motor means this is still a fine blender for making hummus, but it lacks the freedom of previous models.

That being said, the cost of this powerful, convenient processor from a reputable brand makes it arguably the best blender for hummus.

NutriBullet Personal
Power0.8 HP
Capacity24 oz


  • Small: Handy compact size makes it easy to store – it won’t take up much counter space or you can put it away in the cupboard.
  • Simple design: Straightforward lock and process mechanism is easy to use.
  • Easy cleaning: Detachable components make it easy to wash and dishwasher safe, unlike many other blenders.
  • Cheap: An affordable blender for everyday use.


  • Limited controls: Only one speed setting.
  • Not big enough for families: Smaller 24oz cup only useable for small batches.

7. Most Powerful –  Vitamix 7500 Professional Blender

The folks at Vitamix are known for making powerful, ‘muscle car’ style engines for their blenders, and that is true of the 7500, a great choice for the professional or the home cook looking to make some tasty hummus.

The branding for the 7500 lists the motor’s strength at 2.2 horsepower, or 1640-watts, meaning this bad boy can operate at speeds of 37,000 RPMs; calling this a very powerful blender is an understatement! Despite this incredible output, the average sound level of the motor is between 40-60dBs, making it very manageable.

Check out our full write-up for more info: Vitamix 7500 review

The powerful motor also makes self-cleaning easy with a dash of dish soap and hot water.

The almost $600 price tag for this jar and food processor combo speaks volumes, and it’s clear you’re getting a professional-level piece of kit. The justification for buying such an expensive blender might be difficult, but the Vitamix 7500 has a host of features to post itself above the competition. We’ve explained why Vitamix can be so expensive.

The 64oz cup is only 9 inches, keeping a nice low profile without sacrificing volume. The high-grade Tritan Copoluster plastic is highly durable and shaped to have a narrow top to encourage a vortex, pulling ingredients down and aiding blending. The jug also has a removable plug to eliminate air pockets and add extras like chilies or lemon juice.

Ten speed settings allow you to choose between chopping, pureeing, and grinding, and different blender attachments also allow for whipping and emulsifying.

Vitamix 7500
Power2 HP
Capacity64 oz


  • High capacity: Shorter 64oz jug that doesn’t compromise on capacity is great for kitchen storage.
  • Versatile, not just for hummus: Powerful motors and sharp blades make processing any ingredients easy.
  • Blend any ingredients to perfection: Manual speed controls allow for ten different speeds as well as a pulse mode.


  • Price point: Costs a great deal more than a traditional blender which could arguably do the same job for a fraction of the cost.
  • Accessories not included: Useful accessories like a smaller 32oz container and scraper are sold separately, further driving up the price.

8. Best Appearance – Vitamix ONE

The ONE is Vitamix’s first step into more affordable blenders, opting for a smaller, sleeker style that offers the same power for way under their standard price point. The ONE’s RRP is around $250, making it roughly $100 cheaper than the Vitamix Explorian, but are we sacrificing anything for that drop-off in the price?

The sleek, minimalist look of the ONE makes an immediate impression, and it’s clear to see that Vitamix has gone for style while paring back their bulkier, more comprehensive offerings.

The ONE has no hard edges, and its smooth, streamlined design sets it apart completely from its fellow Vitamix blenders. It has a single dial for controlling the speeds, which blends into the body of the blender perfectly and weighs only 6lbs.

The ONE is small and easily stored in a cupboard or tucked away on the worktop if limited kitchen space is an issue.

Vitamix market the ONE more as a home use smoothie maker, as opposed to most of their models which are designed to be professional-level blenders for the home kitchen.

This is exemplified by the 890-watt engine, which, while perfectly adequate for most kitchen jobs, is around half of what a Vitamix engine usually boasts. This also means that it has a greatly reduced noise output compared to fellow Vitamix food processors.

The 32oz jug is a good size for generous batches of hummus and is narrow and tall, creating a powerful vortex to suck ingredients down when you’re blending. The jug is not dishwasher friendly but can easily be cleaned by hand.

If you’ve always wanted a Vitamix but have been averse to shelling out $400, then the ONE is a great opportunity to lock down one of these blenders.

Check out our full write-up for more info: Vitamix ONE review

Vitamix ONE
PowerNot provided
Capacity32 oz


  • Looks great: The stylish and minimal design is a welcome addition to any kitchen.
  • Value: More affordable price point for a Vitamix blender.
  • Compact: Smaller size makes it easier to store, or leave on the counter without taking up much space.


  • Price: The price tag is still very high for the affordable blender market.
  • Limited speed control: Single dial for speed settings might be limiting.
  • Less powerful motor: Smaller engine size than other Vitamix food processors, but still plenty powerful enough for making hummus with ease.
bowl of hummus

Buyer’s Guide: How to Pick the Best Hummus Blender

There’s a lot to consider when comparing the best blenders for hummus. Here are some key factors to look at, and our top picks for each category.


Nutribullet Personal Blender The classic affordable blender that began the home smoothie maker trend wins this category. This simple classic combo has everything you need for making hummus at the great price of around $60.

Nutribullet has carved out a niche in the market for making easy food processing accessible both in functionality and pricing since they entered the market and retain that crown to this day.

price breakdown chart


Blenders can be measured in terms of wattage, RPMs, or horsepower. Each of these quantifies how powerful the blenders are. We did our best to convert each of these data points to horsepower so that we can compare apples to apples. 

power breakdown chart

As you can see, the Vitamix 7500 Professional Blender wins the day again with this overpowered number. The fact that they list this blender’s power as horsepower, as opposed to wattage, shows that we’re dealing with a different beast here.

The 2.2 horsepower engine, that’s 1640-watts, will make light work of any ingredients you chuck at it. It also has a surprisingly manageable noise output.


Blenders come in a variety of sizes. The immersion blenders don’t have a capacity limit because you use them in whatever bowl or glassware container that you’d like to use. 

The standard blenders are larger while the personal ones are obviously smaller.

If you’re trying to make hummus in a blender, you really don’t need a full 64oz container. It’s great though to have some space we so recommend the Nutribullet 1200W Blender Combo. It holds 32oz which is optimal for making a good batch of hummus while not splattering out of the container. 

capacity breakdown chart


Vitamix 5200 Professional Grade BlenderThis bulky, powerful blender has both solid engineering and is built from robust materials. The Tritan copolyester plastic offers clarity and toughness, is resistant to heat, and BPA free.

Untimely engine overheating can be the end of a blender, but the 5200’s overload protection and advanced cooling system ensures a longer life for this blender.

Ease of use

Kitchenaid K400This stylish, characterful countertop blender has an array of easy-to-understand buttons with their functions written clearly on them.

While some food processors rely on you to figure out the arbitrary strength of the numbers on their dials, the Kitchenaid K400 speaks to you in a language that is much easier to understand.

Noise output

Nutribullet GO Portable BlenderSimply because of its small engine, the GO has no competition. The 70-watt motor is a fraction of the size of other blenders on the list and puts out far less undesirable noise.

Types of blenders

There are several different types of blenders out there for you to choose from. The standard blenders tend to be more expensive than the immersion or personal blenders. 

If you’re only looking to make hummus, get an immersion blender. But if you want an awesome hummus blender and plan to use it for smoothies or other food, get one of the standards. 

types of blenders

FAQ on Making Hummus in a Blender

Is it better to make hummus in a food processor or blender?

While you can make hummus in either a blender or a food processor, the higher power output and low torque of a blender are much more suited for pureeing chickpeas to a smoother and creamier consistency.

Is a smoothie blender suitable for making hummus?

Yes. All Nutribullets on our list are smoothie makers and can blend chickpeas effectively. They may not be as effective as a purpose-built blender, but the end result will still be up to scratch.

Can I get smooth hummus with a blender?

Absolutely, the high-powered engine of a blender is more than powerful enough to blitz chickpeas into hummus.

Final Verdict: Which Hummus Blender is Best for you?

Trying to find the best blender for hummus is a question of several factors, such as cost, capacity, engine power, and durability. So when you’re deciding which one is best for you, there is a lot to consider.

The market has grown massively and now has prices to accommodate any sort of budget, allowing you a huge amount of freedom when choosing which is best for you. Our list has covered budget options and more high-end products, each one offering many benefits.

That’s why our top two picks are:

  • Overall best: NutriBullet 1200W. This blender comes with  three separate cups that are all generously sized. The 1200-watt motor is one of the more powerful engines on our list and more than enough to make good hummus. 
  • Most affordable: Nutribullet GO. If you’re looking for a cheap hummus blender, this is the best option! It’s not the most powerful, but it’ll get the job done.

Remember, there are loads of other great options to consider out there too, like the Oster blender and the Ninja blender.

Lastly, give our favorite hummus recipe a try, Roasted Garlic Hummus by Berly’s Kitchen!

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