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Showdown! NutriBullet 600 vs 900 Pro Comparison

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NutriBullet is one of the best blender brands on the market. They’ve got a series of high-speed personal blenders.

We’ve got an epic NutriBullet 600 vs 900 comparison for you. The 600 and 900 numbers represent the number of “watts” each blender has. The higher the wattage, the more powerful the blender. 

Here are the 3 main criteria we used to compare the two:

  1. Price
  2. Aesthetic
  3. Function

You can scroll down to our buyers guide to see why these criteria matter and whether the Nutribullet 600 or 900 was the winner in each category.

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NutriBullet 600 vs 900

Quick Summary: NutriBullet vs NutriBullet Pro

SpecificationsNutribullet 600Nutribullet 900 (pro)
Power600 watts900 watts
Capacity24 oz. cup & 18 oz. cup with handletwo 32 oz. cups
Noise Levelquietest Nutribullet modeltraditional
Dishwasher Safe?yes, partlyyes, partly
Color1 color14 color options
Extrasrecipe book, 2 lids, easy twist extractor bladerecipe book, 4 lids, easy twist extractor blade
MaterialBPA-free plasticBPA-free plastic
Weight6 lbs8.8 lbs

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Who Are The Nutribullet 600 And 900 Blenders Best For?

The Nutribullet 600 is perfect for…

  • Value for money. The Nutribullet 600 is the best personal blender for people who want power and convenience in a compact and affordable package.
  • Anyone who needs to save space. The 600 models are not only great kitchen appliances but work equally well in university dorms, mobile homes, and RVs, to take with you to your hunting or fishing lodge, or to keep at the office.
  • Certain lifestyles. Also, new parents, people just beginning a vegan or health food diet, or simply those who live an active lifestyle will appreciate the 600 models.

The Nutribullet 900 is perfect for…

  • Those who need more features and power. The Nutribullet Pro 900 is the best Nutribullet blender for those who need an upgrade.
  • Busy households or groups. The 900 model’s larger motor and capacity makes it better suited for larger families, the break room at work, or households with more than one person living an active lifestyle.
    Use it to whip up protein shakes for the squad after training, energy smoothies for your kid’s team practice, or pancake mix for family breakfast!
  • Style-conscious shoppers. If you simply demand that your appliances match the decor, this model comes in more options!

Both the 600 and 900 NutriBullet blenders can be used as a food processor!

Should You Buy A Nutribullet 600 Or 900?

Anyone who lives a fitness, health, or vegan lifestyle should consider a Nutribullet blender as an essential, necessary, and core part of their diet and kitchen. Though there is a variety of Nutribullet blenders to choose from, the Nutribullet 600 and the Nutribullet Pro 900 are two of the brand’s most popular models.

The 600 and Pro 900 models are single-serve-sized multi-blade cyclonic blenders that are great for smoothies, raw or whole foods, as well as protein shakes. They are also the most affordable Nutribullet models.

While very similar in design and construction, the Nutribullet 600 vs the Pro 900 have their advantages and differences. Each model also offers some unique benefits as well. The differences between the models will matter depending upon the amount of use and type of use you want your Nutribullet for.

Also, depending upon your level of commitment to fitness, a healthy lifestyle, and or a vegan diet, these differences could be subtle or considerable.

Whether you are a beginner and looking for your first Nutribullet blender or a seasoned fitness pro who needs the best personal blender to fit into their daily life, the 600 and Pro 900 models are a perfect blender for everyday use in your training as well as all your dietary needs.

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NutriBullet blender

Quick Review of the Nutribullet 600

The Nutribullet 600 is the brand’s most basic and most affordable model. It is also the smallest model, especially regarding power and capacity. The Nutribullet 600 personal blender comes standard with the 24-ounce tall cup as well as with the 18-ounce short cup with a handle, and one extractor blade. Both fit securely on the 600-watt power base for Nutribullet’s signature twist to blend operation.

When completely assembled, the blender stands about a foot tall and weighs a little over six pounds. Its size makes it very easy to move and put away or simply leave out as it takes up very little space on the counter. The Nutribullet 600 has a small motor but enough power for making smoothies, milkshakes, and blending all the nutrition from any raw or frozen fruit without losing the nutritious fiber.


  • Price – This is the most affordable Nutribullet personal blender you can buy.
  • Noise – The Nutribullet 600 is easily the quietest model of the Nutribullet line.
  • Usability – Unlike most blenders, you can drink directly from the Nutribullet blender cups.
  • Accessories – The additional smaller cup with a handle is a great little extra to have.
  • Cleaning – The lids and cups are dishwasher safe.
  • Versatile – The Nutribullet 600 works great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks. Additionally, the compact size allows you to easily take the entire blender with you if you want to.


  • Construction – The Nutribullet 600 comes with plastic containers instead of glass, and the containers are not microwave safe or freezer safe. But the cups are made of BPA-free plastic and are also free of phthalates.
  • Speed – It’s a single-speed blender, and most blenders are variable speed.
  • Cleaning – The blades and power base are not dishwasher safe and need to be cleaned by hand after every use.
  • Warranty – For a kitchen appliance at this price point and meant to be used daily, the warranty is somewhat lacking.

Quick Review of the NutriBullet 900

If you are looking to step up your game, then the Nutribullet Pro 900 is the way to go. The Pro 900 model is bigger, more powerful, and has a more effective blade design. The Pro 900 models come standard with two 32-ounce cups, each with its To-Go lid, cup rings, handled lip rings, and one extractor blade. All of which fit securely on a 900-watt power base for fast and powerful cyclonic blending.

When the Nutribullet Pro 900 is completely assembled, it is smaller than the 600 models. While the blender still stands about a foot tall, the Pro 900 models are over a pound less, weighing in at a little under 5 pounds.


  • Power – The more powerful 900-watt motor base is far better if you prefer to blend ice with your smoothies and shakes.
  • Usability – Like with the 600, you can drink directly from the Nutribullet blender cups.
  • Capacity – The larger capacity is great for making two or more smoothies at one time.
  • Accessories – The extra cups and lids mean you should always have a clean setup ready to go.
  • Cleaning – The lids and cups are dishwasher safe.
  • Recipes – The Pro 900 model comes with a recipe book so you can start blending out of the box.


  • Construction – Like the 600, the Nutribullet Pro 900 cups are not made of glass, but heavy-duty plastic. Also like the 600, they are not microwave or freezer safe. However, the cups are made from BPA-free plastic and also free of phthalates.
  • Noise – The more powerful 900-watt power base is noisier, but here are some tips to reduce blender noise.
  • Speed – There is only one speed, and comparable blenders offer a variable speed feature.
  • Cleaning – The blades and power base are not dishwasher safe and need to be cleaned by hand after every use.
  • Warranty – For a kitchen appliance at this price point that is also designed to fit into active lifestyles and everyday use, the standard Nutribullet warranty is somewhat lacking.

Nutribullet 600 vs 900: Key Differences


The most significant difference between the Nutribullet 600 vs the Nutribullet Pro 900 is the power base. The Pro 900 models provide 50% more power and force than the basic 600 models do.

The blender is called the Nutribullet 600 because it comes with a 600-watt motor base. The 600 models are great personal blenders, and the extractor blade is good for smoothies made from small chunks of frozen fruit, protein shakes, whole or raw foods, baby food, sauces, dips, and just fits the healthier lifestyle in general.

The stronger power of the 900 will make it less likely for your NutriBullet to stop working.

The Nutribullet Pro 900 comes with a more powerful motor; a 900-watt motor base and the high torque power it generates is great for tough ingredients. It makes light work of frozen bananas, raw food, larger chunks of frozen fruit, the toughest whole foods, baby food, ice cream, and even chopping ice, as long as it’s mixed with some liquid.

Both motors generate giant blending power for their size, but simply the Nutribullet Pro 900 motor creates higher torque and greater power, making it a far more effective blender. It also makes it one of the best blenders for acai bowls!

You have to be careful not to overheat your motor or else you might find that your NutriBullet smells like it’s burning.

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The extractor blades for both the Nutribullet 600 and the Nutribullet Pro 900 are made from very strong stainless steel and are seated on two levels creating a cross-blade pattern that results in powerful cyclonic action.

However, the blades, in general, are only designed to have a useful life of approximately six months, and it is recommended that you should purchase replace blades at least once a year for optimal performance. In addition, the gasket that the blades are seated into cannot be removed or replaced, so if it sustains any damage, your only option is to purchase an entirely new extractor blade unit.

The smaller and less powerful 600-watt motor base of the Nutribullet 600 may extend the life of the blades, even if used regularly.

The Nutribullet 600 has the optional accessory of a separate milling blade (also called a flat blade), which is best to use for harder and denser foods like seeds, nuts, and coffee beans.

The Nutribullet Pro 900 has a Pro extractor blade as an upgraded blade accessory option. The blades are great for finely whipping food up like egg whites, which is why it’s one of the best blenders for hummus.

If you need to sharpen the blender blades on your Nutribullet, we have several great tips.


In terms of what you can blend or how you can use the blender, both the Nutribullet 600 and the Nutribullet Pro 900 are solid choices for personal blenders.

However, the biggest difference lies in the subtle details between the two models.

Strictly as a personal blender, the Nutribullet 600 is great at making one or two smoothies or milkshakes, mixing up a couple of protein shakes for you and your lifting partner, blending the ingredients to make a small batch of pancakes or waffles, or making other healthy small meals and snacks.

But if you need to prepare larger portions, prefer to add ice to your smoothie or milkshakes, or simply like to meal prep for an entire week, then the Nutribullet Pro 900 is a much more versatile blender.

When it comes to the Nutribullet 600 vs 900 models regarding versatility, how you will use the blender is often the best deciding factor.


In the Nutribullet Pro 900 models, you will most likely find your favorite color and design, and you should have no problem matching the blender with your kitchen or home gym decor. The Nutribullet Pro 900 is available in an assortment of colors and two distinctive styles; seven matte options and six classic metallic options.

For the matte options, which include Navy blue, mint green, light plum, or soft pink, the entire motor base is uniform with the color of your choice.

However, in the classic metallic options, which include champagne, silver, or rose gold, only the body of the motor base is colored. The stand and lip areas of the body remain the standard gray.

For the 600 models, if your favorite color is the standard gray, you are in luck! The Nutribullet 600 also comes in your favorite color and design. Seriously though, the Nutribullet 600 is currently only available in the original gray tone, but it still provides a sleek modern design.


Both the Nutribullet 600 and the Nutribullet Pro 900 are considered personal blenders. Both the 600 and the Pro 900 models are easy to store, move around, or just push out of the way on top of the counter. They both also offer the ability to blend and go, simply taking the cup with you and leaving the rest behind.

Regarding time, however, the Nutribullet 600 can take longer and require more effort to get certain things accomplished. If you need to blend multiple shakes or smoothies, you may have to run it in batches. Also, it’s best to use smaller chunks of frozen fruit, and you need to use more liquid so things may come out thinner than you may want.

With the Nutribullet Pro 900, you can blend entire frozen bananas if you want, and you can add ice even with using a bit less liquid, which allows for much thicker smoothies and shakes in less time.


The Nutribullet 600 is a small yet powerful personal blender that comes with a basic kit of accessories to get you started. The kit includes the 600-watt motor, 2 different sized cups, 2 lids with the comfort lip ring, the extractor blade, and the mobile app.

The Nutribullet Pro 900 is still considered a personal blender, but it’s a more powerful option and thus has a bit more to offer. The kit includes the 900-watt motor base, 2 large cups, 2 lids for kitchen use, 2 To-Go lids with snap open tops to take with you, 2 handled lids, the Pro extractor blade, and the Nutribullet recipe book.

In addition to the included accessories, Nutribullet makes an entire line of accessories that you can purchase to make your Nutribullet 600 or Nutribullet Pro 900 an even more useful and powerful setup. This includes stay-fresh resealable lids, the Nutribullet Pro extractor cross blade, or the milling blade for the Nutribullet 600.

Maintenance – dishwasher and sink safe 

The Nutribullet 600 and Pro 900 essentially break down into three separate parts: the extractor blade unit, the cup, and the motor base.

Most importantly, always remember to unplug your Nutribullet blender before you begin cleaning it.

It is best to wash the blades VERY CAREFULLY by hand, using a brush, warm water, and dish soap right in the sink. A toothbrush does a great job for this. Putting the blades into the dishwasher is not recommended.

The cups and accessories are all dishwasher safe and can simply be placed in the top rack of your dishwasher.

NutriBullet blenders are dishwasher safe except for the motor base, which should always be washed by hand. In most cases, the motor base simply needs to be unplugged and wiped down with a warm soapy dish towel.


Nutribullet protects and insures all of its models with the same warranty.

The Nutribullet standard warranty on both the Nutribullet 600 and the Nutribullet Pro 900 is a typical one year for parts and labor for repairs. It will also replace your 600 or Pro 900 models with a new blender if repairing your old one is not possible.

The Nutribullet warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused as a result of an accident, abuse, or improper use. Also, the warranty will not cover any damage to the blender if you do not protect your blender with proper care and maintenance.

The warranty is only a protection against faulty manufacturing resulting in defects or breakage that occur in the course of normal household use and with proper care.

In addition to the standard one year that all Nutribullet models come with, Nutribullet offers an extended warranty which will provide coverage to your blender for three additional years, after the initial first year, for an additional price.


Is Nutribullet 900 worth it?

Yes, but it genuinely depends upon who you are and what you want out of your Nutribullet blender. When deciding between the Nutribullet 600 vs 900, it comes down to power and value. The Pro 900 provides more power and blending capacity, and it offers the best cost to performance ratio of the two.

Can I use Nutribullet 600 cups in 900?

No, you cannot use Nutribullet 600 cups in the Nutribullet 900 model blender. Every Nutribullet model is built with its own set of cups, and none of the cups are interchangeable between any of the other models. However, Nutribullet offers additional accessory cups to fit each blender, which gives you a greater range of size and capacity for each model.

Can the Nutribullet 600 crush ice?

Crushing ice is a combination of blending power and blade strength. While any blender with 600-watts or more of blending power could crush ice, Nutribullet blades and blenders are not rated to do so. If using ice, Nutribullet recommends using the extractor cross blade, not the milling blade, and the ice should not exceed 25% of the load.

Is the Nutribullet 600 or 900 better for smoothie making?

In most cases, both the Nutribullet 600 and Pro 900 are good for smoothies. However, the 900 model’s more powerful motor allows for larger volumes, so you can make multiple smoothies at a time. Also, the 900’s powerful motor base can blend with less liquid, so you can make much thicker smoothies as compared to the 600 models.

Final Verdict

Simply put, both the Nutribullet 600 and the Nutribullet Pro 900 are great personal blenders that deliver giant blending power. Both the 600 and 900 models operate using high torque power in a cyclonic action to extract every ounce of nutrition from whatever ingredients you’re using.

Nutribullet series blenders have become synonymous with nutritious shakes and smoothies, are a trusted tool for those who live a healthy lifestyle, and are a popular kitchen appliance.

In the end, when it comes down to the Nutribullet 600 vs 900 models, the Nutribullet Pro 900 is simply the better option.

The Nutribullet Pro 900 is a bit more expensive, but the added power, versatility, and convenience that the higher price tag gets you translates into great bang for your buck.

For thicker smoothies and shakes, more precise texture without having to prep or cut up the ingredients, getting more done in less time, and simply the better option for using ice, there is little competition between the 600 and 900 in several areas.

Nevertheless, the Nutribullet 600 is a very good personal blender and health food ally, and if budget is an issue and you can get by with a less powerful motor, then the 600 models will, in all likelihood, satisfy your blending and nutrition needs just fine.

But, if you can afford the upgrade, why settle for second place?

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