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6 Reasons Why Your NutriBullet Smells Like It’s Burning + How To Fix It

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NutriBullet is one of the best blender brands on the market. They’ve been around for years and are the most popular for smaller, personal sized blenders. These are typically 1-2 serving blenders that take up minimal space.

The one issue my wife and I have had is our NutriBullet blender smells like its burning when we use it sometimes.

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Key Points

  1. If your NutriBullet smells like it’s burning then that means your blender is overheated.
  2. There are 6 common causes of overheating a NutriBullet to look for.
  3. If none of those work, then the company will replace it as long as its under warranty.

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nutribullet smells like burning

Why Does My NutriBullet Have a Burning Smell?

If your NutriBullet has a burning smell its probably because the blender is overheating. The blade assembly consists of several parts – the sealing rings, sealing plate, the blades, and the bearings. Any of these components could seize while blending, which causes the other parts to work overtime and cause a burning smell.

There could be a variety of reasons why your blender motor and blades are overworking and causing a burning smell. It could also be because you are blending foods that are inappropriate for your blender type or are overworking the blender.

Whenever you smell burning, shut off your blender and figure out what’s causing the machine to overheat.

If your blender overheats too much then it might cause your NutriBullet to stop working.

6 Reasons Why Your NutriBullet Blender Smells Like Its Burning

I’m going to quickly walk through the six most common reasons why your NutriBullet blender might smell like its burning. Thankfully, you can fix or prevent all of these super easily.

1. New NutriBullets need to be broken in

If your blender is brand new, you can expect the drive socket and blender motor to heat up during the first few times you use the machine. The burning smell is caused by the base windings and is most likely nothing to worry about. Use it 2-3x and this should stop happening.

If you do notice your new blender smelling, turn it off and let it cool back down. A burning smell is to be expected as you break in your new machine.

2. Blending frozen fruit or ice

NutriBullets aren’t really designed to be used like a normal countertop blender. They’re intended to be used for more personal use and blending up smoothies.

Most NutriBullets have a wattage between 500 and 1000. This is much less than Vitamix wattage, which is around 1500.

They have enough watts for a good blender, but not enough to break down hard frozen fruit or ice. If you’re trying to blend ingredients like those it might be the reason your NutriBullet smells like its burning.

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3. Not enough liquid

NutriBullets are meant to be filled with liquid along with whatever food/ingredients you want to blend up. This helps the blades moved quickly through the food so that they can get blended easily.

If you don’t use enough liquid then you might have a hard time blending up your food causing the NutriBullet to smell like it’s burning.

NutriBullet also advises you to not use hot liquid or carbonated beverages in their blenders.

NutriBullets will have a difficult time blending frozen fruit without liquid. Make sure to use enough!

4. Blending for too long

When you run a blender for too long it can start to overheat. That’s why NutriBullet recommends running their blenders in 60 second bursts.

You shouldn’t be blending anything that takes longer than that, but if you need more time, then let your blender rest for a minute before starting again.

You shouldn’t blend for more than three, 1-minute long sessions.

5. Overloading the blender

All NutriBullet blenders have a max capacity. Take a look on your container and you’ll see the max line on the blender jug.

nutribullet max line

If you overload your blender with too much food, it can cause the blades to slow down and be overworked. This will make your NutriBullet have a burning smell.

Avoid overloading the blender and you’ll be good to go. Fill the cup to the max line or no more than 2/3 full.

6. Worn out parts

Although most blenders should outlast the standard warranty period of one year, if you use it several times per day, it may not last as long. If you’re continually smelling burning coming from your blender, it could be a sign that the machine is being overused.

Over time, parts of the blender will begin to wear out. The blender blades won’t be as sharp, the motor won’t run as fast, and the ring might start to wear out.

This might be a sign that it’s time to get a new blender! If you’re still under warranty, then reach out to NutriBullet for a replacement.

How to Maintain Your NutriBullet Blender and Prevent a Burning Smell

On top of making sure that your blender isn’t overworked, it’s important to maintain your machine accordingly when not in use.

The best way to maintain your blender is to clean it every time you use it. NutriBullet is dishwasher safe for the cups, lids, and containers. Just don’t put the blade assembly in the dishwasher!

When you’ve finished using your blender, clean out the contents as best you can before filling it halfway with warm soapy water. Put the lid on and start the motor at a low speed. Gradually increase the speed over a minute, before rinsing out the blender with warm water.

The other key is to always remember the best practices we mentioned above:

  1. Use liquid
  2. No ice
  3. 60 second bursts
  4. Don’t overfill it

Blending in bursts how to use a NutriBullet as a food processor!

Common Questions About NutriBullets Smelling Bad

Does NutriBullet overheat?

NutriBullet blenders can start to overheat, but have a built-in safety measure. The internal thermal breaker will shut off when the blender gets too hot.

Why is my NutriBullet smoking?

A NutriBullet will start smoking if it begins to get overheated. This usually happens when you don’t have enough liquid or are trying to blend frozen food or ice.

How do you fix a overheated NutriBullet?

If your NutriBullet overheats and triggers the automatic shut off then unplug your blender and let it sit for 15 minutes without being used.

Final Verdict: What Else Can You Do If Your NutriBullet Smells?

If you’ve tried everything on this list, then your best bet is to reach out to NutriBullet and get a replacement if you’re still under warranty.

Their blenders are known for their durability and quality.

NutriBullets blenders are great products. We can’t recommend them enough. The reality is that every blender out there will occasionally have a burning smell. It’s just the nature of the product.

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