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Showdown! Vitamix 750 vs A3500 Comparison

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Vitamix is one of the best blender brands on the market. They’re the undisputed champs in the blender game and for good reason. Their blenders are powerful, last forever, and come with an incredible warranty.

We’ve got an epic Vitamix 750 vs A3500 comparison for you. These are two of the most popular Vitamix blenders to pick from.

Here are the 3 main criteria we used to compare the two:

  1. Price
  2. Power
  3. Quality

You can scroll down to our buyers guide to see why these criteria matter and whether the Vitamix 750 or A3500 was the winner in each category.

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Vitamix 750 vs A3500

Who are the Vitamix 750 and A3500 Blenders Best for?

Who would benefit from the Vitamix A3500 vs 750? While they’re similar in their features, the Vitamix A3500 might be a preferred choice for certain households over the 750.

Vitamix 750Vitamix A3500
Power2.2 HP2.2 HP
Capacity64 oz64 oz
Warranty7 years10 years
SeriesLegacy seriesLegacy series

The Vitamix 750 is perfect for…

  • Those who don’t need all the bells and whistles. For those who require something more simple, then the Vitamix 750 is the better choice.
  • Those looking for ease of use. With various pre-programmed settings, this blender means you’ll get the perfect consistency without doing any of the work!

The Vitamix A3500 is perfect for…

  • Tech-lovers. If you want a smart blender, then it’s going to be the A3500 that provides all of the features you need with that technological edge.
  • Value-seekers. The warranty on the A3500 does make it better value for money, especially as it’s cheaper in comparison to the 750. If you’re on a budget, therefore, go for the A3500.

Both are great for blending, whether it’s frozen desserts to your favorite hot soup combo.

Should You Buy a Vitamix 750 or A3500?

Whether it’s a food blender for the home or for commercial use, Vitamix is a strong contender amongst other food processors on the market. Both the Vitamix 750 and the A3500 have their benefits when it comes to but which one comes out on top?

We’d recommend the Vitamix A3500 when choosing between these two blenders due to the additional features that just tip the A3500 over the finish line.

There are a few reasons why you should choose this model over the 750. Firstly, the Vitamix A3500 can detect container size, which automatically adjusts program settings to cater to the best blending result. Vitamix’s 750 doesn’t have this feature. We put together a post all about Vitamix containers and their compatibility if you’re interested in owning different containers.

If you’re a fan of technology, then you’ll love that the Vitamix A3500 has a blender app that comes with 17-pre program settings as well as over 500 recipes to make use of. There’s a programmable timer included with the A3500, and the warranty on this model is longer than the Vitamix 750.

Despite all these upgraded features, the Vitamix A3500 is less expensive, making this, ultimately, the best out of the two. Whilst the 750 does offer some great features in comparison to other blenders on the market, the A3500 reigns supreme for all your blending power needs.

But, if you’re looking for the best Vitamix blender, then you’ll find both these products put up a tough fight when put to the test.

As high-performance machines, there are some great features that make these food blenders a great fit. In this comparison guide, you’ll find out which one might be better suited to your needs.

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Quick Review of the Vitamix 750

The Vitamix 750 is a professional series blender that can blend pretty much anything you throw at it – within reason, of course.

It’s a commercial-grade blender that would keep up with the demand of any household that loves cooking recipes from scratch and not out of a packet! It’s been a popular blender for many customers since it came onto the market and continued to be a fantastic choice even with other newer models.

Check out our full Vitamix 750 review for more help!

Vitamix 750
Power2.2 HP
Capacity64 oz
BladesStainless steel


  • Five pre-programmed settings – Make it simple to use and automate a lot of the blending required. From blending smoothies, hot soups, purees, and frozen desserts.
  • Self-cleaning functions – Help make cleaning easy and safe for the user. With sharp blades, it can be handy to have a blender that can clean itself!
  • Big capacity – Makes it easy to accommodate a range of food types no matter the size.
  • In-built fan – Prevents it from overheating. The thermal protection system is something that makes it sustainable for longer without it falling apart.
  • Stainless steel blades – Cut through food easily and are long-lasting. You can also sharpen Vitamix blades easily using a sharpening stone.


  • Expensive blender – In comparison to other types, it might not be the best choice for those who are looking for budget-friendly options.
  • Noise level is particularly high – It’s not always the best when you want to do some late-night cooking prep.
  • Short power cord – It’s not versatile in stretching to other areas of the kitchen where there might not be an outlet to use.

The Vitamix 750 is a great all-around blender that can blend pretty much anything typical household would need. Vitamix blenders are always extremely versatile, and this model is no different.

Quick Review of the Vitamix A3500

The Vitamix A3500 is one of the four models in the Ascent series, smart blender types that come with a whole host of modern technology. As a smart system blender, it offers a wealth of features to make it easier for the user to blend.

From wireless Bluetooth connectivity to the powerful motors that blend the hardest of food, it’s clear why the A3500 is so popular.

The Vitamix A3500 is a great one for those who love to combine both technology and simplicity. This model makes processes like preparing smoothies and soups so much easier and more enjoyable.

For some food types, you won’t even need to cut it up in order for it to be blended easily with the stainless steel blades. It’s great for the harder food types like frozen drinks, making it perfect for the summer!

Check out our full Vitamix A3500 review for more help!

Vitamix A3500
Power2.2 HP
Capacity64 oz
BladesStainless steel


  • Smart system blender – Offers touch screen controls and a program system that you can automate.
  • 64-ounce capacity – Plenty of room for food blending when cooking in bulk.
  • Powerful motor – As part of the Ascent series blenders, this one comes with a powerful 2.2 HP motor for excellence in breaking down all food types.
  • Long warranty – Comes with a 10-year warranty, providing great value for money.
  • High-quality technology – Self-detecting technology controls and container sizes.
  • Stainless steel hammermill blades – Effective for blending anything and everything.
  • Pulse feature – Help blends through the food evenly.
  • 10-speed variable speed control – Modify the level of blending from chunky to super smooth.


  • Expensive – One of the more expensive Vitamix models to buy.
  • Plastic features – The plastic bodywork of the blender might be offputting for some who prefer a premium type of material like glass.

Vitamix 750 vs A3500: Key Differences

How do the two blenders compare to one another? There are benefits to both, and each one would be a great choice as a household blender for the kitchen. However, there are certain features that may sway your decision when it comes to Vitamix A3500 vs 750.

Are you a Vitamix A3500 or a Vitamix 750? Let’s dive into the comparisons, which we’ve broken down into easy-to-digest features.


A powerful motor is important, and both machines are strong contenders in this category. They both have a 2.2 HP motor that’s capable of blending up any ingredient or ingredients that you throw in. The Vitamix 750 has a wattage of 1,600, and the A3500 has 1,440 watts. That makes the Vitamix 750 slightly more powerful.

However, when it comes to cord storage, you’ll find that the A3500 has cord storage, but the Vitamix 750 doesn’t. Due to both running at such high speeds, the motors have overload protection that will help ensure your blending experience is a safe and enjoyable one.

The A3500 does come with variable speed controls, which makes it great for blending up chunky food types and providing a more consistent blend quality. The ten variable speed control feature is one that many will find beneficial in order to help blend foods quicker and without having to run the machine for so long. This is why it’s one of the best blenders for pureeing food!

While the Vitamix 750 has that edge in wattage, we’d say the A3500’s versatility in speed control is what makes this one extra special and wins in this category.


With any blender, you want it to have a range of features that help you make the most out of your food blending experience. In the battle between the Vitamix A3500 vs. 750, there are plenty of advantages to each when it comes to the number of features available.

The Vitamix 750 comes with five pre-programmed settings that help vary the type of blending result you get. It also makes it easier to blend most types of food.

The additional features of this blender include a 64 oz container size, which is perfect for blending up large volumes of food at once. It’s a good one for most family meals that need to cater to larger households.

The self-cleaning function is something that many Vitamix 750 users love because they don’t need to risk hurting themselves on the sharp blades. Along with the temper tool and high-powered motor, it’s a great blender. Some parts of Vitamix blenders are dishwasher safe.

In comparison, the Vitamix A3500 can be controlled fully from the Vitamix app, making it the perfect option for anyone who is a fan of technology-driven appliances. It has automatically set program settings that make it easy to adapt to the right type of blend for the food being blended.

When comparing the two, the A3500 definitely dominates as a feature-rich blender and provides convenience for the user. The app is certainly a major benefit to this blender and can help you blend over 500 recipes automatically through its innovative programming.


Whether you’re looking at blending hot soups or baby food, these two blenders do very well in their performance on the whole.

When it comes to performance, the Vitamix 750 blender is one of the most popular in terms of performance, and its powerful 2.2 HP motor probably has something to do with that! Whatever hard foods you’re looking to blend, the Vitamix 750 can cater to it, from nuts and seeds to tough vegetables and meats, even grind up coffee beans!

Even with a powerful motor, this model is fairly quiet in comparison to others on the market, making it great when you have any early starts that you need to prep food for.

The Vitamix A3500 is one of the best blenders on the market, and we have to give it to this model when it comes to the blending performance provided. The Vitamix A3500 has the same powerful motor and, again, blends most ingredients you throw at it.

In comparison, they’re both equally as powerful; there’s really not much between the two. If you’re looking for unmatchable power, both models would be perfectly useful for blending. You’ll benefit from these two Vitamix models over others that you can find currently on sale. These powerful blenders are on our list for the best blenders for frozen fruit smoothies

Weight & Size

The size and weight of a blender are important, especially if you’re limited on kitchen counter space. You sometimes don’t realize the amount of effort it can sometimes take to take out a food blender from storage and to put it away again.

With that in mind, Vitamix blenders are a little lighter than most because of their plastic exteriors. It’s better than most glass alternatives that will be a lot heavier and more prone to breakage if dropped from a height.

These two Vitamix models don’t have much between them when it comes to weight, but the Vitamix 750 is slightly less heavy than the Vitamix A3500. The 750 has a weight of 12.46 lbs, and the A3500 is 14.92 lbs.

In terms of sizing, there is a bit of a difference between the two. The exact dimensions of both are as follows:

Vitamix A3500 – 11 x 8 x 17 inches

Vitamix 750 – 7.7 x 9.4 x 17.4 inches

While they’re fairly big in their size, they’re average in comparison to other blenders, and they will fit nicely if displayed on the kitchen counter. Otherwise, as long as you have some height to your cupboards, you should have no problem storing the food blender away. Just be sure to remove the blender base so that you can fit everything in.


When it comes to Vitamix A3500 vs. 750, it’s not going to be that different in its design, especially as they come from the same manufacturer. However, the series in which they’re in is different, and that means there are some slight differences to the design and particularly their interface.

The Vitamix models are always going to be some of the best in comparison to other blenders you may have owned previously.

The A3500 has a sleek and stylish design with a black stainless metal finish. With a touchscreen display panel, it’s easy to use and shows the timer counting down so that you know exactly how much blending is left.

The knob is also digital to help make everything easier when it comes to adjusting the speed setting. However, it’s worth noting that this speed setting reverts back to 1 after the blending process is complete. The Vitamix perfect blending app is a good feature that links up to the blender in order to get the perfect finish each time.

The Vitamix 750 is fairly similar with its interface, but the features differ. The 750 has five pre-programmed settings, and the interface of this blender consists of the start and stop switch, the pulse feature, and the speed dial. It’s standard in its features, compared to the digital touchscreen interface that the A3500 provides.

Build Quality

There’s no denying that these two blenders have got quality running through them. From the motor used to the stainless steel finish and the blades to match. The Vitamix Professional Series blenders are worthwhile whatever you choose.

Both the models have a Vitamix blade that’s unlike any others. They’re extra sharp, making it easy to cut through any food type. You can also get replacement blades if you should ever find that the blades have become damaged beyond repair. However, most can be easily sharpened without much hassle.

Despite the Vitamix 750’s plastic exterior, it’s made out of hard stuff, meaning it’s going to last and probably years beyond its warranty too.

When you buy a food blender, you want it to be good value for money, and the Vitamix is popular for its well-made appliances. You’ll have no problems with either of these blenders.


Both the Vitamix blenders have great warranties that last for a long time in comparison to other blenders available to buy. When comparing the Vitamix A3500 vs. 750, there’s not much between them when it comes to their warranty.

The Vitamix A3500 is the best blender with a ten-year warranty, a great length, and provides excellent value in its lifespan. For the Vitamix 750, you’ll get a seven-year warranty, but, despite being three years less than the A3500, that’s still a great warranty term regardless.

Providing flawless usage with both blenders, they are a great option for anyone looking to spend their money wisely, even if you’re not on a budget. If you’re on a budget, then your money is going to be well spent!

It’s always good practice to check the warranty on products, especially when it comes to electronics, because a low warranty period might not make the appliance as worthwhile.


The Vitamix A3500 and the Vitamix 750 are two blenders that are fantastic for any household looking for a commercial-grade blender. It’ll keep up with any food you put in it, and with the long warranty attached to both, they provide great value for money.

With that said, here are some frequently asked questions that will help further guide your decision when it comes to buying a food processor for your kitchen.

Is the Vitamix A3500 worth it?

If you’re an avid cook, then the Vitamix A3500 is a great kitchen appliance to assist you with any custom recipes that you want to create from scratch – it’s more than worth it! As one of the popular blenders to hit the market, the Vitamix A3500 can do everything from hot soups to frozen desserts, smoothies, and baby food.

Does Vitamix ever go on sale?

You’ll find that the Vitamix professional series does occasionally go on sale, however, it’s something you’ll want to be fairly quick with as this is a limited opportunity. If you want to invest in a great blender, then either the Vitamix A3500 or the Vitamix 750 is going to be ideal.

Are Vitamix blenders dishwasher safe?

It’s important to note that the Vitamix FAQ page mentions both the blades for the Vitamix A3500 and Vitamix 750 should be avoided when loading your dishwasher. However, the other parts of the two Vitamix models are safe to put in the dishwasher. To keep them in the best condition, it’s always best to hand wash where you can. That goes for both the Vitamix A3500 and the 750.

Which Vitamix blender is better for smoothie making, the Vitamix 750 vs. A3500?

We would recommend that between the Vitamix A3500 vs. 750, the 750 is likely better catered for producing the best consistency smoothies due to its pre-programmed settings. The Vitamix A3500 is still a fantastic option, though!

Which other Vitamix blenders should I be considering?

There are a variety of other blenders to choose from. When comparing the Vitamix A3500 vs. 750, you should also look at the A2300 and the 7500. There are a lot of models that the Vitamix brand has released, so there are plenty of choices!

Final Verdict

So, Vitamix 750 vs A3500; which is the winner? 

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line blenders, then the Vitamix blenders are some of the best. When comparing each blender, both the Vitamix A3500 and 750 are great options for the kitchen. 

In my opinion, you should go with the Vitamix A3500 if you’re picking between the two. It’s easy to use, incredibly powerful, high tech, and has great capacity at 64 oz. 

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