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9 Best Blenders for Frozen Fruit Smoothies (updated for 2022)

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Picking a new blender for your kitchen is a huge decision. Quality blenders are expensive and last forever so whatever you buy, you’re going to be stuck with. 

We’ve got an epic list of the best smoothie blenders for you to pick from.

The team at World of Blenders (a master home cook and a professional chef) used 3 criteria to find the best blender for frozen fruit smoothies:

  1. Power
  2. Price
  3. Capacity

You can scroll down to our buyers guide to see why these criteria matter. Our motto is “buy it once” and that means investing in a higher end blender. 

The right blender will be powerful, durable, and won’t break the bank. If you plan to make smoothies on a regular basis, we recommend spending a little bit extra to get a Vitamix or Ninja. 

That’s why our top two picks are:

  • Overall best: Vitamix 5200. This is the best blender for frozen smoothies that’s on the market! It’s powerful, holds 64oz, and carries the Vitamix brand–a guarantee of high quality.
  • Most affordable: Ninja BL610. If you’re tight on funds, but need a new blender–this is our go to option. 

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Our Philosophy & Process for Product Reviews

We know how frustrating it can be to research products online.

Our goal is that you never have to return a product that we recommend because it’s exactly what you wanted.

Our team has spent over 50 hours researching and comparing all of the most popular blenders. We’ve read through hundreds of customer testimonials and reviews and we’ve personally tested dozens of different types of blenders. We’ve written over 60 articles helping people find the best blender for their specific needs. 

frozen fruit smoothie

8 Best Blenders for Frozen Fruit Smoothies

Here’s a quick overview showing all of our top picks and the factors we looked at in our research. You can click through on any model to check out the recent price. You can also take a look at other customer’s smoothie blender reviews.

ProductBest forPower CapacityPrice
Vitamix 5200Overall best1380 watts64 oz$$$$
Cleanblend Commercial BlenderMost powerful1800 watts64 oz$$
Ninja BL610Most Affordable1000 watts72 oz$
NutriBullet 1200W Balanced choice1200 watts32 oz$$
Blendtec Total ClassicProfessional Quality1560 watts24 oz$$$$
Oster Reverse CrushSpeed Control1000 watts48 oz$
Hamilton Beach ProfessionalLow Noise1500 watts32 oz$$$
Vitamix A3300Best High Tech1400 watts64 oz$$$$
NutriBullet NBR 1201Best necessity buy600 watts24 oz$

1. Overall Best Blender for Frozen Fruit – Vitamix 5200

Great for large portions or catering to a group, this Vitamix blender has a 64-ounce container and many impressive features – though this is reflected in the price tag. It is a great contender for the best blender for frozen smoothies and is perfect for large families or homes with many guests.

With a fast, high-performance motor and hard stainless steel blades, this blender can certainly handle tough ingredients such as ice and frozen fruits. Purchase of this blender can be viewed as an investment, as it is one that is built to last, made with high-quality materials.

Check out our full write-up for more info: Vitamix 5200 review

Manually control the speed of your blades to achieve the desired texture by simply twisting the dial to choose your setting. Then add soapy water when you’re done, switch it on to have it cleaned and ready to use all over again.

Though this blender can be used for near enough anything, there is only one container. The same, large container is used for every recipe, which can seem confusing when considering the price of this blender.

Unlike the Nutribullet and Blendtec models, this blender boasts the ability to heat up cold ingredients with the friction of its blades alone!

This is also one of the quietest Vitamix blenders you can buy. 

Vitamix 5200
Power1380 watts
Capacity64 oz


  • Huge 64-ounce container – make large batches for any number of people
  • Heat ingredients – you can even make hot soup with the friction of this blender’s blades
  • Tamper included – slide through the lid of your blender and quickly deal with annoying clumps and stubborn ingredients
  • Radial cooling fan and thermal protection system – ensure your safety and that your blender cannot overheat


  • No smaller containers – you must use the 64-ounce container for everything, even the smallest batches
  • Pricey – almost $400 and much more expensive than comparable products. Read why Vitamix blenders are so expensive.

2. Most Powerful –  Cleanblend Commercial Blender

Another strong contender for the best blender for frozen fruit smoothies is the commercial blender from Cleanblend, which boasts an extremely powerful 1800 watt base and an 8 point stainless steel blade. Blending ice and frozen fruit with ease, you will never have to worry about large chunks in your smoothies again!

The large container allows you to cater to many guests and prepare large batches. It is also BPA-free and dishwasher safe. You can rest assured that this blender is durable and long-lasting, able to pulverize frozen ingredients in seconds without causing damage.

What’s even more impressive is this blender’s ability to process hot soup, creating heat from the friction of its blades! Enjoy frozen drinks, hummus, or peanut butter, all made in your Cleanblend. The opportunities are endless with this impressive, multi-functional blender.

If you’re deciding between a juicer vs blender, we’ve got some great advice.

Compared to the Ninja and Nutribullet, this blender has a much more powerful motor base to successfully blend hard, frozen ingredients.

Though this blender does reach high speeds due to its powerful motor base, unlike its competitors it may require some help. Holding the container into place while blending prevents it from coming loose. This powerful blender is also on our list of the best blenders for pureeing food!

best smoothie blenders power comparison
Cleanblend Commercial Blender
Power1800 watts
Capacity64 oz


  • Powerful and heavy-duty – gets the job done without damage
  • Quiet – this blender is quieter than competitors
  • Versatile – can make frozen drinks and hot soups
  • Tamper included – prevent ingredients from getting stuck and clumped together


  • Does not lock to base – important to hold the blender down at a high speed.

3. Most Affordable AND Highest Capacity – Ninja BL610

Easily crush ice and frozen fruit to make the best frozen fruit smoothies on a budget. This Ninja blender is powerful and has a 1000 watt base with strong steel blades, great at crushing ice and frozen fruit and vegetables. You shouldn’t have to spend 100s of dollars in order to get a quality smoothie blender, and this model is much more affordable than the Vitamix or Blendtec. It’s one of the top blenders under $200 you can buy.

Play around with texture by switching between the 4 manual speeds on this blender. Whether you prefer your smoothies thin or thick, it’s all up to you with the Ninja blender! Turn ice into snow and enjoy a frozen margarita or blend frozen fruits into a smoothie and give your body the nutrients it needs and deserves.

This countertop blender is easy to use, dishwasher safe, and BPA free. Compared to its competitors, such as the Blendtec model, this blender is not self-cleaning however and requires disassembly, which can be time-consuming.

It also includes a helpful recipe guide for some inspiration and new recipes, so if you live alone and want to try an effective blender at a reasonable price, the Ninja is the one for you.

best smoothie blenders price comparison
best smoothie blender capacity comparison
Ninja BL610
Power1000 watts
Capacity72 oz


  • Powerful motor base and blades – to easily crush ingredients for smooth drinks
  • 4 manual speed options – switch between speeds to get the texture you would like
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free – no need to spend time cleaning manually


  • Only one size container – does not include convenient cups or smaller jars for convenience
  • Not easy to clean – has to be disassembled and put in the dishwasher to clean, unlike self-cleaning competitors.

4. Balanced Choice –  NutriBullet 1200W Blender Combo

For over a decade, Nutribullet has been the first word in food processors. Nutribullet blazed a trail for home blenders and set a high standard of demands from customers.

They’ve made a name for themselves as smoothie makers with their powerful engine technology.

The sleek, clean style is immediately recognizable as a Nutribullet product, and, true to form, they have developed a product that makes accomplishing a host of kitchen tasks easy for the average home chef.

The powerful motor is a classic Nutribullet selling point, and the 1200W motor of this blender is no slouch. 

This powerful blender is built with families in mind, with a large 64oz pitcher to match its motor, allowing for plenty of capacity for large batches. Small batches are also easy in the 32oz and 24oz cups, and that smaller capacity aids in the blending process.

There are some unfortunate instances of people’s motors overheating, in some instances leading to the food processor breaking altogether.

Now, these are anecdotal stories, outweighed massively by positive experiences; however, it’s worth acknowledging that while this sort of thing is very unlikely, it seems to be the dice we roll whatever model of food processor we choose. The NutriBullet 1200 is also the #1 rank on our list of the best hummus blenders

NutriBullet 1200W
Power1.6 HP
Capacity32 oz


  • Powerful – This 1200W blender is ideal for breaking down hard frozen fruits into a smooth consistency – it’ll make light work of it, too!
  • Price – This is a great value package for what you get – three cups and the blender.
  • Different cups – The variation in cup sizes allows plenty of freedom for batch sizes, and the lids allow you to store your smoothies in BPA-free plastic, saving on the washing-up, too!


  • Storage – It’s very big and certainly only worth buying if you’ve got the storage or don’t mind it taking up space on your kitchen tabletop.
  • Can overheat – In some cases, the powerful motor has been known to overheat. Always follow the instructions and watch the blender carefully during use.

5. Best Professional Quality – Blendtec Total Classic

Our next competitor in the battle of the best blender for frozen fruit smoothies is the Total Classic. This professional-grade bundle from Blendtec can do it all, though this does come at a higher price. If you’re simply looking for a blender for one or two people, for mainly one purpose, this expensive appliance is probably not the one for you.

One purchase contains a powerful motor base and additional jars for different results.

The thick stainless steel blades are 10x stronger than comparable blender blades. The patented technology from Blendtec forces the ingredients towards the blade so you aren’t stuck with stubborn pieces that avoid blending, leaving you with perfect smoothies every time. If your blender starts to get dull blades, we have tips for how to sharpen your blender blades.

With pre-programmed blending cycles, you can opt for the exact one you’re looking for, or you can switch between the 10 manual control speeds and cater it to you! If you’re looking for a particular texture, setting your blender at a lower speed will provide you with a thick frozen fruit smoothie. It’s also one of the top blenders for vegans due to the power!

Not only is this blender excellent at blending ice and frozen ingredients, but you can make hummus, dips, and even nut butter. Simply switch it on, select your program and watch as the LCD timer displays the remaining time! This appliance is so easy to navigate, you will barely have to lift a finger.

If that isn’t enough, there is no need for disassembly when you’re done. Unlike the Nutribullet, this self-cleaning blender simply requires a dash of soap and water and will take care of the rest!

Blendtec Total Classic
Power1560 watts
Capacity24 oz


  • 80% thicker stainless steel blades – powerful ice crushing and pulverizing of stubborn ingredients
  • LCD timer – easily see how long is left until your smoothie is done
  • The large container size allows you to blend frozen fruit smoothies for up to 6 people, so you can cater to a large group in one go
  • Preprogrammed and manual speed settings – switch between specific item programs and speeds to achieve your desired texture and consistency


  • Expensive – this blender is much more costly than many of its competitors, at over $400.

6. Best for Speed Control – Oster Reverse Crush

The Oster Reverse Crush is extremely effective at making smooth and delicious frozen fruit smoothies. Make use of the pre-programmed smart technology or manually switch between the 7-speed options to tailor it to your favorite texture.

The strong and durable blades are made from stainless steel and can efficiently crush frozen fruit, while the dual-direction blade technology ensures that stubborn jams are a thing of the past. Enjoy the smoothest frozen drinks made with your personal blender.

The container is dishwasher safe and BPA free, while the connecting pieces are made from strong metal ensuring a long life, saving you money. The backlit display is attractive and convenient for setting your preferences or changing speed.

The reverse direction of the blade, especially on pre-programmed settings, seems to prevent the blades from reaching a high speed. This negatively impacts the blender’s ability to efficiently blend and crush frozen fruit and ice.

Oster Reverse Crush
Power1000 watts
Capacity48 oz


  • One-touch controls – preprogrammed smart technology or 7 manual speed for endless opportunities
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe – so there is no need for hand washing
  • Strong 6 point blades with dual direction technology to prevent jams


  • Blades are not specifically for ice-crushing – ice crushing blades from the brand can be bought separately
  • The reverse blade feature can hinder performance – prevent the blades from reaching a speed that is powerful enough to crush hard frozen ingredients.

7. Best Low Noise Blender – Hamilton Beach Professional

If you’re looking for a blender that is quieter than the rest, this professional blender from Hamilton Beach boasts a removable quiet shield that dampens noise. This doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice power, though, as the hard steel blades are great for blending ice and other frozen ingredients with ease.

Check out how you can reduce blender noise.

Choose to manually alter speed settings yourself or opt for one of the 4 pre-programmed settings that include ‘Ice Crushing’ and ‘Smoothies.’ This affordable product is great for all of your needs, whether you’re making frozen fruit smoothies or pureeing hot soups.

The clean setting even means there is no need for disassembly or precious time spent cleaning – simply add soap and water and the blender will do the rest, unlike the Ninja BL610.

This blender also comes with a tamper that fits through the lid, so you can easily deal with stubborn jams without requiring you to disassemble the machine!

If lowering noise wasn’t enough, the included quiet shield also doubles up as a pitcher, though it, unfortunately, does not have handles. Serve drinks to your guests with this handy, multi-functional feature.

Compared to other high-power products such as the Vitamix, this blender is much quieter.

Hamilton Beach Professional
Power1500 watts
Capacity32 oz


  • Affordable – compared to similar competitors, this blender is much more affordable
  • High-performance motor and hard blades – ensure smooth and well-blended frozen fruit smoothies
  • Quiet shield – the removable quiet shield dampens noise and doubles up as a pitcher to serve drinks


  • Cannot heat cold ingredients – although this can puree soups, this blender does not heat up cold ingredients and will not make hot soup like the Vitamix 5200 can
  • The quiet shield/ drinks pitcher does not include a handle – using it as a pitcher can be difficult.
frozen fruit smoothie

8. Best High-Tech – Vitamix A3300

This revolutionary blender from Vitamix is revolutionary, high-tech, and deserving of a place on the list of best smoothie blenders. Retailing at around $600, it is definitely much more expensive than its competitors, however the features that this blender boasts are unparalleled.

The attractive and modern design is easy to wipe clean, with no unnecessary buttons or dials, but touchscreen controls. With a range of speed options, you can alter this to cater to your personal preferences. The programmable timer also aids this, as timings for custom recipes can be saved so you can make your frozen fruit smoothie the same way every day!

Pair with self-detect containers, forcing the base to slightly alter the blending process, catering to particular needs. Depending on the container size, the intelligent motor base will change timings for effective blending.

But there is more… This futuristic product can heat cold ingredients up and create hot soups in a matter of minutes! Then when you’re done, simply add soap and water, switch on self-cleaning, and your blender is as good as new in 60 seconds.

Compared to the Vitamix, which is pricey, this blender is much more high-tech and offers more helpful features than others. The A3500 is on our list of the best blenders for Indian cooking!

Vitamix A3300
Power1400 watts
Capacity64 oz


  • Intelligent, self-detect containers and base – specific timings and techniques for the best result for what you want
  • Modern and sleek design – looks good in your kitchen
  • Easy to use controls – don’t spend time messing around with confusing buttons
  • Self-cleaning – no need for disassembly, although some parts of Vitamix blenders are dishwasher safe
  • Heated blades – create hot soups from cold ingredients


  • Most expensive from the product list – at almost $600, it is an extremely pricey blender due to its extra features
  • Additional self-detect containers must be bought separately – for the price of this product, purchasing extras does not seem appealing.

Read our deep dive: Is the Vitamix A3300 worth it?

9. Best Personal Blender – NutriBullet NBR-1201

The first option from NutriBullet is an affordable blender with a powerful 600-watt motor and strong stainless steel blades that can deliver a delicious fruit smoothie in seconds! This product is great for those looking to make smoothies quickly and conveniently serve them.

What’s special about this blender is the patented nutrient extraction blades that can break down stems and skins for easy absorption of all the good stuff. With this model, you’ll be sure to get the best from your blender and your daily smoothie.

Great for making frozen drinks, this blender can easily pulverize ice and frozen fruits, so you’re left with a smoothie that is smooth. The 2 plastic cups included with the blender have handles and lids on for complete convenience when you’re in a rush – so you can enjoy your smoothie no matter where you are.

But it doesn’t end there… make hummus, dips, and soups with this versatile product. Although there is only one default speed, the base is powerful enough to ensure that expectations will be met every time.

And after you’re done, simply twist off and wash your container in the dishwasher for ultimate convenience. Though it is important to note that this appliance can sometimes be prone to leaking, causing spillage into internal components that can’t be easily cleaned.

Nutribullet NBR-1201
Power600 watt
Capacity24 oz and 18 oz


  • Powerful and affordable – know you’re getting what you pay for, and be sure it will get the job done
  • 2 handled cups included – perfect for an easy on-the-go beverage
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free – both the jar and handled cups can be cleaned in the dishwasher for added convenience
  • Nutrient extraction blades are exclusive to the NutriBullet – making sure you get essential nutrients that your body needs


  • Prone to leak into inner parts of the model – this can be extremely hard to clean if it happens
  • Not self-cleaning – this product requires disassembly, unlike some of its competitors.

Buyers’ Guide: How to Pick the Best Smoothie Blender for Frozen Fruit

Motor Power and Speed

When looking for a blender with a high-power motor, you need to look at the wattage. The higher the wattage, the more powerful your blender will be and the faster it will blend stubborn foods, ice, and frozen ingredients. If you want something that will create smooth frozen fruit smoothies quickly, opt for something over 300 watts.

As you can see, the Cleanblend Commercial Blender is the most powerful on this list with 1800 watts! High power is essential to being able to pulverize frozen fruit. 

If you want to use your blender for multiple purposes, making different kinds of food or beverages, you should consider speed options. A blender with a range of speed options or even pre-programmed settings for particular needs will allow you to achieve different textures.

In this area, the Blendtec Total Classic is the best model as it boasts an extremely powerful motor base and 10 manual speed options, sure to effectively blend even the most stubborn, hard ingredients.

best smoothie blender power comparison


A higher blender capacity allows you to blend more at one time, though it will mean a larger size and will take up more space. In order to work out the total working capacity, calculate 50% of the total volume of your blender.

The largest blender and consequently, the largest capacity on our list is the Ninja BL610 which can hold and blend more ingredients than its competitors. It holds 72 oz, which is the highest on this list!

best smoothie blender capacity comparison


If you’re looking for an affordable blender or are on a tight budget, you do not have to sacrifice quality to get what you’re looking for. Many high-performance, durable machines are available on the market for impressively low prices.

With blenders that can effectively blend ice and frozen fruit, they must be durable and be able to withstand a lot of pressure. Durability and high-quality materials should be made a top priority in this circumstance.

The Ninja BL610 is the best blender on our list if you’re looking for a great value blender on a budget.

Before buying, you should assess your budget and consider what your priorities are when it comes to features. High-tech appliances are great, but may only offer impressive features that do not actually serve you well.

best smoothie blender price comparison

Blade Style

The best blender for fruit smoothies requires a powerful blade. Ice and frozen fruit are hard and a weak blade would likely crack under the pressure of ice crushing. So, when looking for the best blender for blending frozen ingredients, you should opt for hardened stainless steel blades, as they are durable and long-lasting, saving you money in the long run!

The blades on the Nutribullet 1200W are specially designed and stand out from that of other blenders. The patented nutrient extraction blades blend ingredients in a way that essential nutrients are more easily absorbed! This model is certainly the best product for blade style.


Many blenders come with additional accessories or have compatible accessories that can be bought separately. This can include cups, tampers, and extra blades.

For example, the Ninja BL610 blender commonly has a lot of extra accessories that can be purchased from the brand.

Taking the top spot on the list, the NutriBullet NBR 1201 comes with two plastic cups for convenience when on the move and in a rush. Many other blenders include tampers, which allow you to move stubborn clumps and jams to allow for a smooth process without disassembly.

Other accessories can include blades for different purposes such as crushing ice or even quiet-shields to dampen noise. These items can be an important and useful part of your daily routine when using your blender, so this should certainly be considered before purchasing.

Common Questions about Smoothie Blenders

Do I have to thaw frozen fruit before making a smoothie?

This will depend on the materials of the blades in your blender and the power of the motor. If your blender is powerful enough to withstand hard ingredients, you shouldn’t have to thaw your fruit before making fruit smoothies. Many blenders are not designed for ice crushing, so large pieces of ice can lead to blade or jar damage.

What motor power do I need for frozen fruit smoothies?

If you are purchasing a blender mostly for making frozen fruit smoothies, you should buy one with a minimum wattage of 600 watts. You should also check that your blender can be used for crushing ice and frozen fruit, as many blenders are not and will leave you with lumpy smoothies.

Can I use my blender for other things?

Yes, blenders can be used for a range of things. Blenders are great for making frozen drinks and ice cream, but they can and often are used for things that many people are not aware of. You can use your blender to make sauces and dips, such as hummus and pesto. Vegetable rice such as cauliflower rice is also often made in a blender, to achieve the look and consistency of rice grains. You can even make your favorite nut butter in your blender. Some blenders can even heat cold ingredients, creating hot soups in minutes.

When do you need a blender for ice and frozen fruit?

In order to make frozen fruit smoothies, a blender is a requirement. You should find a blender that is powerful with strong blades and a durable jar.

Which NutriBullet is the best blender for frozen fruit smoothies?

The Vitamix 5200 is the best blender for blending frozen fruit. The special, patented blades extract nutrients from fruit skins and seeds to ensure easy absorption of essential nutrients that our bodies need. These powerful blades and 600-watt base can quickly pulverize ice and frozen fruit, leaving smoothies that are exceptionally smooth, without any annoying clumps.

Do you need a special blender to make smoothies?

It is important to get a blender that can sufficiently blend ice cubes and frozen fruit, without leaving lumps or becoming damaged. Blenders that have higher power capabilities and strong, durable materials are best for making smoothies.

Is Ninja or Vitamix better?

This depends on what you’re looking for and what features matter most to you. Both blender models are great for different reasons. Vitamix blenders are better blenders overall, as they are self-cleaning and can make hot soup from cold ingredients. They boast a lot more features. However, if you’re looking for a blender to make frozen fruit smoothies, the Ninja has durable materials and a powerful motor base. The Ninja is much more affordable too!

What is the difference between a blender and a smoothie maker?

The difference between a smoothie maker and a blender is that the latter can make many other things too. On the other hand, a smoothie maker can only make smoothies and often does a better job.

Final Verdict

Overall, there is an extremely comprehensive range of blenders on the market today, with price ranges that differ significantly. 

The best blender for frozen fruit smoothies is the Vitamix 5200, which provides extremely high quality and durability that is perfect for achieving delicious fruit smoothies. However, it is an extremely pricey appliance.

The best budget buy on this list is the Ninja BL610. Standing at such a low price, it is still able to get the job done effectively and is great at ice-crushing and blending frozen fruit without leaving lumps. Despite its downfalls, this blender is a great affordable option.

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