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5 Reasons We Don’t Use Ice in Smoothies

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My wife and I have been making smoothies for years and we recently started sharing all of our smoothie recipes for the world to see!

We have a major rule for our smoothies: We never use ice in smoothies.

We’ve tested it over and over because some people claim that ice makes smoothies better, but we just disagree. There are a few reasons people use ice in smoothies, but you can get the same results with better options.

We’ll share the best way to make smoothies without ice and the 5 reasons we don’t use ice in smoothies.

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    Do Smoothies Need Ice?

    Smoothies absolutely do not need ice. If you want rich, thick, and creamy smoothies that have a perfectly smooth consistency then ice is actually NOT going to help you. Smoothies do not need ice to be good and will actually be better without ice!

    That’s our answer to “do smoothies need ice” in 30 seconds. But keep reading to figure out the best way to make smoothies without ice.

    Why Do People Put Ice in Smoothies?

    People put ice in smoothies because it can help make smoothies colder and to make smoothies thicker. Ice will definitely help make smoothies colder, but if you’re using frozen fruit in your smoothies then this is unnecessary.

    The only time I’ll ever put ice in smoothies is if I’m trying to make a smoothie but all of my fruit is fresh instead of frozen.

    magic bullet smoothie with ice
    Does Ice Make a Smoothie Thicker?

    Ice will make a smoothie thicker temporarily, but as soon as the ice melts then it will add liquid into the smoothie and it will get runny. Even worse, the melted water won’t be evenly distributed so it’ll have a less consistent texture.

    What should I use to thicken a smoothie besides ice?

    There are countless ways to make thicker smoothies without ice. Our favorite ingredients to use are greek yogurt, avocado, bananas, almond milk, and spinach. The easiest way to make thicker smoothies is to use less liquid.

    5 Reasons We Don’t Use Ice in Smoothies

    A lot of people put ice in smoothies because they think it will help. They don’t realize that ice could actually be making their smoothies worse.

    1. Make smoothies foamy – There’s a good chance putting ice in a smoothie will actually make smoothies foamy. A smoothie will get foamy when the fibers in greens get blended too much. It takes longer to blend when you have ice in smoothies so there’s a higher chance your smoothie will get foamy.
    2. Separate – One of the biggest reasons smoothies separate is when you use water to make smoothies. When the ice melts, it’ll obviously turn into water. If you want to save a smoothie for later that used ice, it’ll likely separate.
    3. Makes smoothies thinner – Ice doesn’t actually make smoothies thicker. It might help temporarily so if you plant to drink your smoothie immediately, then it could work! Otherwise, ice might make smoothies thinner.
    4. Bad for blenders – Most blenders are capable of blending ice, but it does put more wear and tear on your blender and the blades. It’s not against the rules, but it’s not best. We do have a list of the best blenders for crushing ice!
    5. Frozen fruit is better – If you want colder smoothies then you might put ice in a smoothie, but frozen fruit is better! Frozen fruit is better for making smoothies creamy and for making smoother smoothies.
    thick smoothie without ice
    A super thick smoothie made with Ninja Foodi blender- our favorite for thick acai bowls!

    How To Make Smoothies Without Ice

    All you need to make great smoothies is fruit, some kind of liquid, and maybe some vegetables. There are all kinds of great ingredients you can add to smoothies if you want to level them up, but ice is not one of them.

    1. Flavor profile / health goals – The first thing to decide is what kind of smoothie flavor you want! You can go with something tropical, something chocolatey, or something super fruity. You’ll also want to pick your health goals. Are you trying to get more protein? Low sugar? Whole30 friendly?
    2. Pick your fruit – Your fruit will form the base of your smoothie. I recommend trying to use bananas and at least one type of berry (blueberries or strawberries). You can also go with citrus options like mango or pineapple.
    3. Veggies – If you want to make a smoothie healthier, you can add some veggies. We have a whole list of the best vegetables for smoothies you can pick from. I recommend adding in a couple handfuls of spinach! It’s one of the best greens for smoothies because it’s flavor-neutral.
    4. Liquid – Every recipe needs a smoothie liquid base. I recommend using almond milk or orange juice.
    5. Any extras – There are a lot of ways to enhance a smoothie. Our favorite ways to level up a smoothie are greek yogurt, protein powder, chia/hemp seeds, and vanilla extract. These will help add flavor, protein, and fiber!
    thick smoothie banana weight loss smoothie

    How to Use Ice in a Smoothie

    If you’re going to use ice in a smoothie, you should do it sparingly. I would only use ice if you don’t have any frozen fruit on hand.

    I would start with doing just a cup of ice. The smaller the ice the more easily it’ll blend. I would also layer the ice into your smoothie last so that all of the other ingredients will be blended up first.

    How do I make a fruit smoothie with ice?

    If you want to make a fruit smoothie with ice, I would use half the liquid that the recipe recommends and replace the other half with ice! So if you would normally use 1 cup of almond milk, I’d only use half a cup and then use half a cup of ice. This will help your fruit smoothie with ice not be too thick or too thin, just right.

    Final Verdict: Do You Need Ice to Make a Smoothie?

    You definitely do not need ice to make a smoothie. Ice can be helpful at making smoothies colder and temporarily making them thicker. But if you have frozen fruit, you should use that instead!

    Making smoothies without ice will actually make your smoothies creamier and give them a more smooth consistency.

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