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8 Best Blenders for Frozen Drinks and Crushing Ice (50 Tested)

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Picking a new blender for your kitchen is a huge decision. Quality blenders are expensive and last forever so whatever you buy, you’re going to be stuck with. 

We’ve got an epic list of the best blenders for frozen drinks for you to pick from.

The team at World of Blenders (a master home cook and a professional chef) used 3 criteria to find the best blenders for crushing ice:

  1. Power
  2. Price
  3. Capacity

You can scroll down to our buyers guide to see why these criteria matter. Our motto is “buy it once” and that means investing in a higher end blender. 

The right blender will be powerful, durable, and won’t break the bank. If you plan to make frozen drinks on a regular basis, we recommend spending a little bit extra to get a Vitamix. 

That’s why our top two picks are:

  • Overall best: Vitamix 5200. This is the best blender for frozen drinks on the market! It’s powerful, holds 64oz, and carries the Vitamix brand–a guarantee of high quality.
  • Most affordable: Ninja BL610. If you’re tight on funds, but need a new blender–this is the best option. If you’re able to spend a bit more, I’d go with the Cleanblend. It’s just as powerful as the 5200, but a bit cheaper. 

Our Philosophy & Process for Product Reviews

Our team has spent over 50 hours researching and comparing all of the most popular blenders. We’ve written over 60 articles helping people find the best blender for their specific needs. We’ve read through hundreds of customer testimonials and personally tested blenders from brands like Ninja, Vitamix, Oster, NutriBullet, and more. 

best blender for frozen drinks

8 Best Blenders for Frozen Drinks and Crushing Ice 

Here’s a quick overview showing all of our top picks and the factors we looked at in our research. You can click through on any model to check out the recent price. You can also take a look at other customers’ reviews to get a more full picture. 

ProductBest forPower (HP)Capacity (oz)Price
Vitamix 5200Overall best2.2 HP64 oz$$$
Vitamix “The Quiet One”Quietest3 HP48 oz$$$$
Ninja BL610Most affordable1.4 HP72 oz$
Cleanblend Commercial BlenderMost balanced2.4 HP64 oz$$
NutriBullet 1200WBest for small batches1.6 HP32 oz$
Vitamix E310Great durability2 HP48 oz$$
Vitamix A3300High tech2.2 HP64 oz$$$
Vitamix 5201Most powerful4.2 HP192 oz$$$$$

1. Overall Best Blender for Frozen Drinks – Vitamix 5200

Great for large portions or catering to a group, this Vitamix blender has a 64-ounce container and many impressive features – though this is reflected in the price tag. It is a great contender for the best blender for frozen drinks and is perfect for large families or homes with many guests.

With a fast, high-performance motor and hard stainless steel blades, this blender can certainly handle tough ingredients such as needing to crush ice. This blender is guaranteed by Vitamix to last.

Check out our full write-up for more info: Vitamix 5200 review

You can manually control the speed of your blades to achieve the desired texture by simply twisting the dial to choose your setting. Then add soapy water when you’re done, switch it on to have it cleaned and ready to use all over again.

Though this blender can be used for near enough anything, there is only one container. The same, large container is used for every recipe, which can seem confusing when considering the price of this blender.

This one comes with stainless steel blades which makes it a great blender for crushing ice. Compared to the Vitamix Quiet one and the Vitamix 5201, this one is cheap and still a strong enough blender for crushing ice. 

Unlike the Nutribullet and Blendtec models, this blender boasts the ability to heat up cold ingredients with the friction of its blades alone! The 5200 is also on our list of the top blenders for frozen fruit smoothies!

Vitamix 5200
Power2.2 HP
Capacity64 oz


  • Stainless steel blades – Crushing ice down for frozen drinks is tough on a blender so you really need stainless steel blades that won’t wear down over time!
  • Huge 64-ounce container – Make large batches for any number of people.
  • Tamper included – Slide through the lid of your blender and quickly deal with annoying clumps and stubborn ingredients.
  • Radial cooling fan and thermal protection system – Ensures your safety and that your blender cannot overheat.


  • No smaller containers – You must use the 64-ounce container for everything, even the smallest batches
  • Pricey – It’s almost $400, which is cheaper than some of the really powerful blenders, but still not cheap. 

2. Overall Quietest Vitamix Blender – Vitamix “The Quiet One” 48 Oz

Vitamix “The Quiet One” is a formidable commercial-use blender with advanced noise reduction technology. That frustrating blender noise produced by your old-school blender – it’s gone.

People try so many ways to reduce blender noise, but this Vitamix blender has hit the nail on the head!

If you run a business and need quiet blenders to keep your customers happy and your staff sane – then this is the one for you.

This super-efficient countertop blender is the quietest vitamix blender you can buy. It’s fitted with exquisite noise reduction technology that helps alleviate that standard ultra-loud unpleasant and infuriating sound that everyone hates.

Most high-powered blenders range between 85 to 95 decibels at their highest speed, which is proven to be damaging to human hearing.

This Vitamix professional blender reduces noise to only 64db – the same level as an ordinary conversation. Pretty neat, right? If you need a quiet blender, this is a lifesaver.

The reduced noise doesn’t mean that you lose out on any of the awesome specs – it’s still incredibly powerful, reliable, and delivers exceptional and consistent blending every time. 

Even though it’s quiet, it’s still plenty powerful. It has the second most horsepower on our list next to the Vitamix 5201. It also comes with stainless steel blades like the other Vitamix blenders, which makes it one of the best blenders for frozen drinks.

Vitamix “Quiet One”
Power3 HP
Noise64 dB
Capacity48 oz


  • High-Quality Suitable For Commercial Use – Top brands like Starbucks use “The Quiet One Commercial Blender.”
  • Reduced Noise Level – 21% quieter than regular blenders.
  • Easy Pour Spout – prevent spills and messy cleanups with its precise, easy pour spout.
  • High-quality Parts – Made from high-quality metal and equipped with plastic secure sound enclosure.
  • 34 Quick-blend Settings – Easily select from a variety of presets to deliver the perfect frozen drink.
  • 6 Shortcut Buttons – Choose one of the smart shortcuts to help you create what you desire.
  • Powerful motor – It comes equipped with a 3-horsepower motor that makes it one of the most powerful blenders on the market.


  • Premium Cost – It’s quite expensive, and maybe isn’t the most budget-friendly option.
  • Short Warranty – Warranty coverage of only three years.
  • Programming Errors Customers have reported some programming issues.
  • Not Dishwasher Friendly – The parts need to be hand-washed with dish soap.

Check out our review of the Vitamix Quiet One to get a deeper dive.

3. Most Affordable – Ninja BL610

Easily crush ice to make frozen drinks at home! This Ninja blender is powerful and has a 1.4 HP base with strong steel blades, great at crushing ice and frozen fruit. You shouldn’t have to spend 100s of dollars in order to get a quality blender, and this model is much more affordable than the Vitamix or Blendtec.

best blenders for frozen drinks price breakdown chart

Play around with texture by switching between the 4 manual speeds on this blender. Whether you prefer your frozen drinks to be thick like a piña colada or thin like a Bahama mama, the Ninja BL610 can get it done. 

Crush ice into snow and enjoy a frozen margarita or blend frozen fruits into a smoothie and give your body the nutrients it needs and deserves. 

Read more: Best blenders for margaritas

This countertop blender is easy to use, dishwasher safe, and BPA free. Compared to its competitors, such as the Blendtec model, this blender is not self-cleaning however and requires disassembly, which can be time-consuming.

It also includes a helpful recipe guide for some inspiration and new recipes, so if you live alone and want to try an effective blender at a reasonable price, the Ninja is the one for you.

Ninja BL610
Power1.4 HP
Capacity72 oz


  • Powerful motor base and blades – Easily crushes ingredients for smooth frozen drinks.
  • 4 manual speed options – Switch between speeds to get the texture you would like.
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free – No need to spend time cleaning manually.


  • Only one size container – Does not include convenient cups or smaller jars for convenience.
  • Not easy to clean – Has to be disassembled and put in the dishwasher to clean, unlike self-cleaning competitors.

4. Most Balanced – Cleanblend Commercial Blender

Another strong contender for the top blender for frozen drinks  is the commercial blender from Cleanblend, which boasts an extremely powerful 1800 watt base and an 8 point stainless steel blade. Blending ice and frozen mixes with ease, you will never have to worry about large chunks in your drinks again!

The large container allows you to cater to many guests and prepare large batches. It is also BPA-free and dishwasher safe. You can rest assured that this blender is durable and long-lasting, able to pulverize frozen ingredients in seconds without causing damage.

Enjoy frozen drinks, margaritas, daiquiris, and more with your Cleanblend. The opportunities are endless with this impressive, multi-functional blender.

Compared to the Ninja and Nutribullet, this blender has a much more powerful motor base to successfully blend hard, frozen ingredients such as ice or frozen fruit. It’s perfect for making acai bowls!

Though this blender does reach high speeds due to its powerful motor base, unlike its competitors it may require some help. Holding the container into place while blending prevents it from coming loose. This powerful blender is also on our list of the best blenders for pureeing food!

Cleanblend Commercial Blender
Power2.4 HP
Capacity64 oz


  • Powerful and heavy-duty – Gets the job done without damage.
  • Quiet – This blender is quieter than competitors!
  • Versatile -Can make frozen drinks and hot soups.
  • Tamper included – Prevent ingredients from getting stuck and clumped together.


  • Does not lock to base – Important to hold the blender down at a high speed.

5. Best for Small Batches – NutriBullet 1200W Blender Combo

For over a decade, Nutribullet has been the first word in food processors. Nutribullet blazed a trail for home blenders and set a high standard of demands from customers.

They’ve made a name for themselves in the blender world with their powerful technology.

The sleek, clean style is immediately recognizable as a Nutribullet product, and, true to form, they have developed a product that makes accomplishing a host of kitchen tasks easy for the average home chef.

The powerful motor is a classic Nutribullet selling point, and the 1.6 HP (1200W) motor of this blender is no slouch. 

This powerful blender is built with families in mind, with a large 64oz pitcher to match its motor, allowing for plenty of capacity for large batches of frozen drinks for your next party! Small batches are also easy in the 32oz and 24oz cups, and that smaller capacity aids in the blending process.

There are some unfortunate instances of people’s motors overheating, in some instances leading to the food processor breaking altogether.

Now, these are anecdotal stories, outweighed massively by positive experiences; however, it’s worth acknowledging that while this sort of thing is very unlikely, it seems to be the dice we roll whatever model of food processor we choose. The NutriBullet 1200 is also the #1 rank on our list of the best hummus blenders

NutriBullet 1200W
Power1.6 HP
Capacity32 oz


  • Powerful – This 1.6 HP blender is ideal for breaking down ice into snow – it’ll make light work of it, too!
  • Price – This is a great value package for what you get – three cups and the blender. You get more for your money with NutriBullet.
  • Different cups – The variation in cup sizes allows plenty of freedom for batch sizes, and the lids allow you to store your drinks in BPA-free plastic, saving on the washing-up, too!


  • Storage – It’s very big and certainly only worth buying if you’ve got the storage or don’t mind it taking up space on your kitchen tabletop.
  • Can overheat – In some cases, the powerful motor has been known to overheat. Always follow the instructions and watch the blender carefully during use.

6. Great Durability – Vitamix E310 Explorian

Alright, you’re looking for a high-quality blender that works immaculately and doesn’t cost you an arm or a leg.

This blender isn’t as quiet as the “Quiet One” by Vitamix, but it’s still on the quieter side for a Vitamix brand. 

The Vitamix E310 Explorian is a powerful, compact and reliable blender that ticks all the boxes. Great capacity. Stainless steel blades. Vitamix durability. These have been on the market for a long-time and are still working excellently. The E310 was an upgrade from the E320.

This is also the most durable Vitamix on our list. 

It’s solid and comes with a 10-speed dial. It’s relatively simple in design and user-friendly compared to other Vitamix blenders and delivers an excellent all-round performance.

When you aren’t using it for frozen drinks or crushing ice, you can make ultra-smooth nut butter, world-class smoothies, and even use it for hot blends! It’s on our list of the top blenders for smoothie bowls!

Vitamix e310
Power2 HP
Noise64 dB
Capacity48 oz

Let’s take a look at some of the points that make this Vitamix professional blender a great choice.


  • Affordable – The Vitamix E310 is relatively affordable when compared to other professional blenders. It’s one of the best Vitamix blenders
  • Sturdy build – Made from metal and plastic, ensuring a premium, high-end blender you can depend on. Makes it great for crushing ice and handling a tough blending job.
  • 10-speed settings – Choose from multiple speed settings to make the perfect blends for frozen drinks. Minimum speed of 1,400 RPM and a max speed of 22,600 RPM – that’s fast!
  • Reduced noise level – Compared to other blenders, it’s among the quieter models, with an audible output of 86db at its highest speed. It’s not as quiet as “The Quiet One,” but it’s quieter than most.
  • Premium Ice Quality – This blender is exceptional at making premium bar quality crushed ice in under a minute. 


  • No Preset Modes – There aren’t any preset options, so a bit of trial and error is required.
  • Bulky Design – It’s a big blender and needs to be stored on the counter because it’s too big for most cupboards.

Need convincing? Check out our Vitamix E310 Blender Review

7. Best High-Tech – Vitamix A3300

This revolutionary blender from Vitamix is revolutionary, high-tech, and deserving of a place on the list of best blender for frozen drinks. Retailing at around $600, it is definitely much more expensive than its competitors, however the features that this blender boasts are unparalleled. It is by far the most high tech with built in bluetooth and an app. 

The attractive and modern design is easy to wipe clean, with no unnecessary buttons or dials, but touchscreen controls. With a range of speed options, you can alter this to cater to your personal preferences. The programmable timer also aids this, as timings for custom recipes can be saved so you can make your frozen drinks the same way every day!

Pair with self-detect containers, forcing the base to slightly alter the blending process, catering to particular needs. Depending on the container size, the intelligent motor base will change timings for effective blending.

When you’re done blending, simply add soap and water, switch on self-cleaning, and your blender is as good as new in 60 seconds. Some Vitamix parts are dishwasher safe.

Compared to other Vitamixes, this blender is pricy, but it’s much more high-tech and offers more helpful features than others. The A3500 is also on our list of the best blenders for Indian cooking!

Vitamix A3300
Power2.2 HP
Capacity64 oz


  • Intelligent, self-detect containers and base – Specific timings and techniques for the best result for what you want.
  • Easy to use controls – Don’t spend time messing around with confusing buttons.
  • Self-cleaning – No need for disassembly when it comes time to clean!


  • Most expensive from the product list – At almost $600, it is an extremely pricey blender due to its extra features.
  • Additional self-detect containers must be bought separately – For the price of this product, purchasing extras does not seem appealing.

Check out our review of the Vitamix A3300 to get a deeper dive.

8. Best Blender for Crushing Ice (most powerful)Vitamix 5201 XL Blender

Now, let’s take a look at the grandiose, the deluxe, the holy grail of premium Vitamix blenders. Introducing the Vitamix 5201 XL Blendera class of its own!

This 4 HP commercial blender is a beast – even more powerful than “The Quiet One”!

Simply put, it’s phenomenal! It’s perfect for shop owners who are pressed for time but can’t afford to sacrifice any quality.

It’s capable of meeting any of your blending requirements, especially crushing ice for frozen drinks. 

It comes equipped with touchpad controls and is the perfect blender for a high-output kitchen. It can handle some serious loads and comes with a 1.5-gallon container too!

It comes with a standard 64oz container, but also a whopping 196oz! This is over twice what the other Vitamix options offer. If you’re regularly hosting parties, this could be a great investment. 

If you’re operating in a stressful and busy environment, then choose this beast because it minimizes prep time and maximizes output – leaving you satisfied every time!

Vitamix 5201
Power4.2 HP
NoiseNot provided
Capacity192 oz

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this incredible blender so incredibly fantastic!


  • Extra Large Capacity- Comes with a 64 oz container and a 1.5-gallon container.
  • Powerful Motor – Say hello to sheer power with a 4.2 max HP – never struggle to blend again!
  • TouchPad – A touch interface that makes selecting pre-programmed settings, setting a timer, and everything else incredibly simple.
  • Perfect For Business Owners – Save time and money with a blender that can handle MORE and faster!
  • Multiple Control Options – Whatever the dish you’re creating, rest assured you’ll have various options at your disposal to help make the task super easy. Make use of the variable speed control and pulse function.


  • Short Warranty – Only 3 years of warranty coverage.
  • Very Costly – It’s a premium blender, and it’s one of the most expensive on the market. See why Vitamix is so expensive.

What Type of Blender is Best for Making Frozen Drinks?

There are several different kinds of blenders out there for you to choose from. The standard blenders tend to be more expensive than the immersion or personal blenders. 

If you’re going to be making frozen drinks, you’ll need a blender that is good at crushing ice. This means you’ll need something with stainless steel blades that’s powerful. Making frozen drinks in a blender puts more wear and tear. You should prioritize durability and buying from a reputable brand. That’s why so many of our recommendations were Vitamixes. For other non-Vitamix blenders, you may come across more inconvenient problems like leaking black liquid or needing to sharpen the blender blades more often.

Buyers’ Guide: How to Pick the Best Blender for Crushing Ice and Frozen Drinks

There’s a lot to consider when comparing the best blenders for crushing ice. The most important criteria we looked at were: price, power, capacity, and overall quality.

Power and Speed

Blenders can be measured in terms of wattage, RPMs, or horsepower. Each of these quantifies how powerful the blenders are. We did our best to convert each of these data points to horsepower so that we can compare apples to apples. 

The more finely/smooth you want your frozen drink, the more powerful of a blender you’ll need.

best blenders for frozen drinks power breakdown chart

As you can see, the Vitamix 5201 is by far the most powerful on our list. This is a commercial grade blender so it’s also the most expensive by a LONG shot. 

The best balance of power and price is the Vitamix 5200 which was #1 on our overall list. 


If you’re looking for an affordable blender or are on a tight budget, you do not have to sacrifice quality to get what you’re looking for. Many high-performance, durable machines are available on the market for impressively low prices.

Before buying, you should assess your budget and consider what your priorities are when it comes to features. High-tech appliances are great, but may only offer impressive features that do not actually serve you well.

best blenders for frozen drinks price breakdown chart

As you can see, the Ninja BL610 is the most affordable blender on our list. The downside is that it doesn’t have the power of other blenders on the list. If cost is a big priority to you, then we recommend the Cleanblend Commercial Blender. It’s just as powerful as the 5200, but a good middle ground option.


Blenders come in a variety of sizes. The immersion blenders don’t have a capacity limit because you use them in whatever bowl or glassware container that you’d like to use. 

The standard blenders are larger while the personal ones are obviously smaller.

If you’re trying to make frozen drinks in a blender, you may not need a full 64oz container, unless you’re trying to make a big batch for all week. 

We recommend getting a blender that holds at least 32oz. The Nutribullet 1200W Blender Combo is the best for personal use. If you plan to make bigger batches, go with the Vitamix A3300

best blenders for frozen drinks capacity breakdown chart

A higher blender capacity allows you to blend more at one time, though it will mean a larger size and will take up more space. In order to work out the total working capacity, calculate 50% of the total volume of your blender.

Materials & build quality

It’s incredibly important to consider the quality of a blender. You don’t want to be stuck with a low-quality blender that cracks or breaks after minimal use!

You should pick a blender that has stainless steel blades and come with a hard plastic or polycarbonate casing.

Do your diligent research to ensure your blender doesn’t crack under pressure when it’s put to the test. Vitamix has different ‘series’ of blenders so it could be good for you to dig into which one is right for you! Check out our Vitamix Explorian vs Ascent Series to get started. 

The good news is that Vitamix offers an incredible 10 year warranty so even if you have issues, you can always get them fixed. 

Common Questions about High Powered Blenders

Is the Ninja blender good for frozen drinks?

Ninja blenders are great for frozen drinks! They’re powerful and the stainless steel blades help crush ice for any kind of frozen drink.

Can you make a frozen drink in a blender?

Yes, you can definitely make frozen drinks in a blender! Add ice and any liquid, fruit, or mix into the blender and turn it on. Give it 30-60 seconds and you’ll have a frozen drink with perfect consistency.

Can all blenders blend ice?

Not all blenders are strong enough to blend ice. We recommend sticking to well known brands such as Vitamix, Ninja, and NutriBullet.

Will ice damage a blender?

Ice can damage a blender or wear down the blender blades if they aren’t strong enough to handle crushing ice.  

Final Verdict: Which Blender for Crushing Ice is Right for You?

Trying to find the best blender for frozen drinks comes down to several factors, such as price, capacity, power, and overall quality. 

Our #1 pick is the Vitamix 5200.The 5200 is powerful, holds 64oz, and carries the Vitamix brand–a guarantee of high quality. It’s also not as expensive as some of the newer Vitamix models. 

If you need something more affordable, we recommend the Cleanblend. It’s just as powerful as the 5200, but half the cost. It probably isn’t as durable, but will get the job done!

Happy blending!

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