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7 Best Blenders for Vegans (50+ Tested)

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Picking a new blender for your kitchen is a huge decision. Quality blenders are expensive and last forever so whatever you buy, you’re going to be stuck with. 

We’ve got an epic list of the best blenders for vegans for you to pick from.

If you’re vegan you’re probably looking for a blender to make yummy soups, grind up coffee beans, blend up nuts into different kinds of milk alternatives, and maybe blending up tofu for different recipes. 

The team at World of Blenders (a master home cook and a professional chef) used 3 criteria to find the best vegan blenders.

  1. Power
  2. Price
  3. Capacity

You can scroll down to our buyers guide to see why these criteria matter. Our motto is “buy it once” and that means investing in a higher end blender. 

The right blender will be powerful, durable, and won’t break the bank. If you plan to use the blender on a regular basis, we recommend spending a little bit extra to get a Vitamix or Ninja. 

That’s why our top two picks are:

  • Overall best: Vitamix E310. This is the best blender for vegans on the market! It’s powerful, affordable, holds 48oz, and carries the Vitamix brand–a guarantee of high quality.
  • Most affordable: Mueller Austria. If you’re tight on funds, but need a new blender–this is our go to option. It’s an immersion blender which will work for most soups and purees you might make!

Our Commitment

Our team has spent over 50 hours researching and comparing all of the most popular blenders. We’ve written over 60 articles helping people find the best blender for their specific needs. We’ve read through hundreds of customer testimonials and personally tested 50+ blenders from brands like Ninja, Vitamix, Oster, NutriBullet, and more.

best blender for vegans

7 Best Blenders for Vegans

Here’s a quick overview showing all of our top picks and the factors we looked at in our research. You can click through on any model to check out the recent price. You can also take a look at other customer’s reviews to get a more full picture. 

ProductBest forPower (HP)Capacity (oz)Price
Vitamix E310Overall best2 HP48 oz$$
NutriBullet PersonalBest personal0.8 HP24 oz$
Blendtec Professional 800Most powerful3.8 HP90 oz$$$$
Vitamix 5200Versatility2 HP64 oz$$$
NutriBullet 1200WBest for hummus1.6 HP32 oz$
Mueller AustriaBest immersion0.7 HPn/a$
Vitamix ONEGreat valuenot provided32 oz$$

1. Overall Best Blender for Vegans – Vitamix E310 Explorian

The Vitamix E310 Explorian blender is a beast of a machine. The aircraft-grade stainless steel blades have an impressive 3-inch cutting diameter and will decimate the toughest ingredients.

The E310’s variable speed control and pulse function take care of everything from frozen desserts and smoothies to salsa and purees. Anything you put in it comes out with perfect consistency and texture every time! The pulse feature makes a great blender for cooking where you want your sauce, soup, or curry to have some chunks in it. 

If you’re vegan, you’ll want a blender that can make milk alternatives, smooth tofu, pastes, and purees. The Vitamix E310 can do it all. 

It’s a powerful, compact, and reliable blender that ticks all the boxes. Great capacity. Stainless steel blades. These have been on the market for a long-time and are still working excellently. The E310 was an upgrade from the E320.

This blender is built to last – Vitamix is known for making some of the highest quality blenders on the market. You won’t need to replace this model in a hurry! With a 5 year warranty backed by Vitamix, this is a no brainer for one of our top picks. 

The Vitamix Explorian features 10 different speed settings, which can be adjusted using a dial to achieve the exact consistency you’re aiming for. This blender can make just about anything you’d ever need, but it’s also on our list of the best acai bowl blenders!

Vitamix E310
Power1400 watts
Noise 64 dBs
BladesStainless steel


  • 10-speed settings – Choose from multiple speed settings to make the perfect blends for curry, hot soups, and everything in between. Minimum speed of 1,400 RPM and a max speed of 22,600 RPM – that’s fast! This is why it’s one of the best blenders for vegans.
  • Size – The 48-ounce container is perfect for blending medium sized batches of food.
  • Usability – The blender has a 4.5-foot cord providing a great range of movement in the kitchen.
  • Cleaning – Though not dishwasher safe, it is not difficult to clean the E310. Simply add some dish soap and use the pulse feature, and the E310 is ready to store or use again.
  • Price – As far as Vitamix goes, this is the most affordable model.
  • Made in the USA – Vitamix was founded over 100 years ago and has been based in Ohio since 1948.
  • Affordable – 310 is relatively affordable when compared to other Vitamix blenders.
  • Sturdy build – Made from metal and plastic, ensuring a premium, high-end blender you can depend on.
  • Reduced noise level – Compared to other blenders on this list like the Vitamix 5200, this is quieter.
  • Great For Hot Blending – Easily blends multiple servings of hot ingredients with no issue at all. 


  • Not dishwasher safe – The E310 is not dishwasher safe and needs to be cleaned using the dish soap and blend cleaning method.
  • No Preset Modes – There aren’t any preset options, so a bit of trial and error is required.
  • Bulky Design – It’s a big blender and needs to be stored on the counter because it’s too big for most cupboards.

Check out our full Vitamix Explorian 310 review!

2. Best Personal – NutriBullet Personal Blender

This personal blender is the model that helped Nutribullet become the first word in food processing.

While a full-size blender can look great and make you feel like a kitchen professional, chances are if it’s just you or your partner, a giant 64oz might be overkill for whatever you’re planning to make.

The 24oz cup of this compact processor makes it a good choice as a blender for blending baby food in more manageable batches. The 600-watt motor combined with the small space of the cup makes for easy, efficient blending.

Its compact size also makes it ideal for storage when not in use, unlike other bigger models – it could be the best mixer to puree food if you’re looking for a smaller option.

This blender might not be powerful enough to make cashew cream or almond milk, but it’s great for things like hummus or smoothies. It’s less powerful than the Vitamix E310 above. 

Read more: How many watts do you need for a good blender?

The trademark simplicity of Nutribullet blenders makes them easy to clean. No matter what you’re making, the two main blending components, the cup, and blades, are easy to detach and clean.

Occasionally, the Nutribullet blenders leak black liquid, but don’t freak out. We have experienced this before and can help you.

This blender uses the traditional Nutribullet twist and blend system so it only has one speed setting. The 600-watt motor means this is still a fine blender for making vegan food, but it lacks the freedom of previous models.

NutriBullet Personal
Power0.8 HP
Capacity24 oz


  • Small – Handy compact size makes it easy to store – it won’t take up much counter space or you can put it away in the cupboard.
  • Simple design – Straightforward lock and process mechanism is easy to use.
  • Easy cleaning – Detachable components make it easy to wash and dishwasher safe, unlike many other blenders.
  • Cheap – An affordable blender for everyday use.


  • Limited controls – Only one speed setting.
  • Not big enough for families – Smaller 24oz cup only useable for small batches.

3. Most Powerful (Best Blender for Cashew Cream) – Blendtec 800 Professional

It’s hard to believe this Blendtec 800 can be built with a 3.8 peak horsepower motor and still be quiet. The noise level of the blender is below 65 decibels compared to 88 decibels which is the normal noise level for other blenders.

This is the best blender for cashew cream on our list because of its powerful motor. No other blender can get the kind of smoothness you want.

This powerful blender is also remarkably quiet. It features noise reduction of the 360-degree sealed sound enclosure to reduce the noise. Also, the container is further enclosed with a second jar designed to stop the noise. Additionally, there is advanced sound dampening airflow technology.

Power breakdown chart of best blenders for vegans

Honestly, a Blendtec blender is what you’ll most often see in coffee and smoothie shops, for the excellent power without excessive noise that they deliver.

Another small feature that might throw you off — this blender has a USB port. But don’t get excited – it’s a carryover from its commercial model cousin and it’s used to import programs for blending.

The Blendtec Professional 800 blender has the 6 most popular pre-programmed settings for different recipes. You choose from smoothies, whole juice, soups, margaritas, bread dough, frozen desserts, and more. The ability to simply touch a button and walk away while it blends is incredible for getting more done in the kitchen, in less time! 

After testing this blender, we’re planning to update our list of the best blenders for frozen fruit smoothies to include it! 

Blendtec 800
Power3.8 HP or 1800 watts
Capacity90 oz
Warranty10 years
BladesStainless steel
Other FeaturesBPA free, 11 speed slider, pulse function, 6 pre-programmed settings, touchscreen interface


  • Power – It comes equipped with a 3.8 horsepower motor that makes it one of the most powerful blenders on the market, more than most Vitamixes. 
  • Noise level – The Blendtec comes with a sound reducing shield that makes it one of the quietest blenders you can buy. 
  • Warranty – The 10 year warranty is one of the longest warranties you can get on a blender! It makes the high price tag a better value. 


  • Expensive – This is one of the most expensive blenders we’ve tested so if you’re on a budget, it’s probably not the one for you. 
  • No Tamper – The Blendtec 800 doesn’t come with a tamper to push the food down so it can be tough to blend thicker recipes. 
  • Bulky – The 90 oz container + the soundproof case gives this blender a large footprint on your counter. You really won’t be able to put it away, so you’ll need designated countertop space. 

Check out our full Blendtec 800 review for more info!

4. Most Versatile – Vitamix 5200

Great for large portions or catering to a group, this Vitamix blender has a 64-ounce container and many impressive features – though this is reflected in the price tag. It is a great contender for the best blender for frozen drinks and is perfect for large families or homes with many guests.

With a fast, high-performance motor and hard stainless steel blades, this blender can certainly handle tough ingredients such as needing to crush ice. This blender is guaranteed by Vitamix to last.

Check out our full write-up for more info: Vitamix 5200 review

You can manually control the speed of your blades to achieve the desired texture by simply twisting the dial to choose your setting. Then add soapy water when you’re done, switch it on to have it cleaned and ready to use all over again. Some Vitamix parts are dishwasher safe. Check to see if your blender is!

Though this blender can be used for nearly anything, there is only one container. The same, large container is used for every recipe, which can seem confusing when considering the price of this blender. If you’re wanting a replacement Vitamix container, this post will come in handy for deciding.

This one comes with stainless steel blades which makes it a great blender for making cashew cream.

Unlike the Nutribullet and Blendtec models, this blender boasts the ability to heat up cold ingredients with the friction of its blades alone!

Vitamix 5200
Power2.2 HP
Capacity64 oz


  • Stainless steel blades – Crushing nuts down for milk alternatives is tough on a blender so you really need stainless steel blades that won’t wear down over time!
  • Huge 64-ounce container – Make large batches for any number of people.
  • Tamper included – Slide through the lid of your blender and quickly deal with annoying clumps and stubborn ingredients.
  • Radial cooling fan and thermal protection system – Ensures your safety and that your blender cannot overheat.


  • No smaller containers – You must use the 64-ounce container for everything, even the smallest batches.
  • Pricey – It’s almost $400, which is cheaper than some of the really powerful blenders, but still not cheap. 

5. Best for Hummus – NutriBullet 1200W Blender Combo

For over a decade, Nutribullet has been the first brand to come to mind for food processors. Nutribullet blazed a trail for home blenders and set a high standard of demands from customers.

They’ve made a name for themselves in the blender world with their powerful engine technology.

The sleek, clean style is immediately recognizable as a Nutribullet product, and, true to form, they have developed a product that makes accomplishing a host of kitchen tasks easy for the average home chef.

The powerful motor is a classic Nutribullet selling point, and the 1.6 HP (1200W) motor of this blender is no slouch. 

This powerful blender is built with families in mind, with a large 64oz pitcher to match its motor, allowing for plenty of capacity for large batches of green smoothies every day for a healthy breakfast! Small batches are also easy in the 32oz and 24oz cups, and that smaller capacity aids in the blending process.

The best part about this NutriBullet blender is the versatility in capacity. Sometimes you might just want to make a single serve green smoothie and that can be tough in the 64oz Vitamix containers.

There are some unfortunate instances of people’s motors overheating, in some instances leading to the food processor breaking altogether.

chart showing the breakdown of price for the best blenders for vegans

The NutriBullet 1200W is also the most affordable blender for vegans on our list! The only one cheaper is the Mueller, which is an immersion blender.

Now, these are anecdotal stories, outweighed massively by positive experiences; however, it’s worth acknowledging that while this sort of thing is very unlikely, it seems to be the dice we roll whatever model of food processor we choose. The NutriBullet 1200 is also the #1 rank on our list of the best blenders for making hummus

NutriBullet 1200W
Power1.6 HP
Capacity32 oz


  • Powerful – This 1.6 HP blender is great for breaking down food into smooth purees!
  • Price – This is a great value package for what you get – three cups and the blender. You get more for your money with NutriBullet.
  • Different cups – The variation in cup sizes allows plenty of freedom for batch sizes, and the lids allow you to store whatever you’re blending in BPA-free plastic, saving on the washing-up, too!


  • Storage – It’s very big and certainly only worth buying if you’ve got the storage or don’t mind it taking up space on your kitchen tabletop.
  • Can overheat – In some cases, the powerful motor has been known to overheat. Always follow the instructions and watch the blender carefully during use.

6. Best Immersion – Mueller Austria 500 Watt Stick

The first and only immersion hand blender on our list, the Mueller 500 watt stick is a compact and budget friendly-choice. Does it make for one of the best blenders for pureeing food?

Buying a blender can be a difficult choice simply based on the amount of money you’re expected to spend to afford a half-decent one. With this hand blender costing around $40, a fraction of previous models, that decision is an easy one.

This immersion blender packs a powerful 500-watt motor into its small frame, making it half as powerful as the other blenders on our list. It has nine speed levels as well as a pulse or turbo mode. Be sure to hold the Mueller with both hands if using the turbo mode, as this handheld blender packs a punch!

It’s great for blitzing ingredients into sauces, batters, and dips like hummus. However, running this handheld blender for more than a minute is likely to cause it to overheat; that’s simply the case with a cheaper product a lot of the time.

So using this immersion blender to make pureed food might take a little longer than using a food processor with a larger motor that can handle the stress. While blend quality isn’t compromised, if you’re looking for a more powerful blender that can get the job done quicker, then a free-standing choice might be better.

The blender end is easy to detach and clean, but the bell guard doesn’t have rounded edges, and the sharp plastic is likely to scratch your pans if you aren’t careful. The Mueller immersion blender is also on our list of the best blenders for pureeing food!

Mueller Austria
Power0.7 HP


  • Great value – At around $40, this hand blender is the cheapest on the list and a steal for a 500w motor.
  • Blend as fast or slow as you need – Nine speed settings and turbo and pulse mode offer plenty of freedom.
  • Easy to use – A comfortable grip allows for easy control.
  • Cleaning and maintenance – Removable shaft for easy cleaning.


  • Only suitable for short use – Not designed for prolonged use and can overheat quickly.
  • Not suitable for all pans – The bell guard’s edges are sharp and could damage your pans.
  • Can be too powerful –Turbo mode makes the Mueller harder to control.

7. Great Value – Vitamix ONE

The ONE is Vitamix’s first step into more affordable blenders, opting for a smaller, sleeker style that offers the same power for way under their standard price point. The ONE’s RRP is around $250, making it roughly $100 cheaper than the Vitamix Explorian, but are we sacrificing anything for that drop-off in the price?

The sleek, minimalist look of the ONE makes an immediate impression, and it’s clear to see that Vitamix has gone for style while paring back their bulkier, more comprehensive offerings. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the best blenders for vegans.

The ONE has no hard edges, and its smooth, streamlined design sets it apart completely from its fellow Vitamix blenders. It has a single dial for controlling the speeds, which blends into the body of the blender perfectly and weighs only 6lbs.

The ONE is small and easily stored in a cupboard or tucked away on the worktop if limited kitchen space is an issue.

Vitamix market the ONE more as a home use smoothie maker, as opposed to most of their models which are designed to be professional-level blenders for the home kitchen.

This is exemplified by the 890-watt engine, which, while perfectly adequate for most kitchen jobs, is around half of what a Vitamix engine usually boasts. This also means that it has a greatly reduced noise output compared to fellow Vitamix food processors.

The 32oz jug is a good size for generous batches of hummus and is narrow and tall, creating a powerful vortex to suck ingredients down when you’re blending. The jug is not dishwasher friendly but can easily be cleaned by hand.

If you’ve always wanted a Vitamix but have been averse to shelling out $400, then the ONE is a great opportunity to lock down one of these blenders.

Check out our full write-up for more info: Vitamix ONE review

Vitamix ONE
PowerNot provided
Capacity32 oz


  • Looks great – The stylish and minimal design is a welcome addition to any kitchen.
  • Value – More affordable price point for a Vitamix blender.
  • Compact – Smaller size makes it easier to store, or leave on the counter without taking up much space.


  • Price –The price tag is still very high for the affordable blender market.
  • Limited speed control Single dial for speed settings might be limiting.
  • Less powerful motor – Smaller engine size than other Vitamix food processors, but still plenty powerful enough for making hummus with ease.

What Type of Blender is Best for Making Vegan Food?

There are several different types of blenders out there for you to choose from. The standard blenders tend to be more expensive than the immersion or personal blenders. 

For blending vegan food, we recommend a standard blender. The more powerful the better for whipping up your food into a smooth consistency.

types of blenders

Buyers’ Guide: How to Pick the Best Blender for Vegans

There’s a lot to consider when comparing the best blenders for vegans. The most important criteria we looked at were: price, power, capacity, and overall quality.

Power and Speed

Blenders can be measured in terms of wattage, RPMs, or horsepower. Each of these quantifies how powerful the blenders are. We did our best to convert each of these data points to horsepower so that we can compare apples to apples. 

The more finely/smooth you want your vegan food, the more powerful of a blender you’ll need. Typically, the stronger the better. 

power breakdown chart of power

As you can see, the Blendtec Professional 800 is the most powerful on our list with 3.8 horsepower. The next highest is the Vitamix E310, which is way more affordable. 


If you’re looking for an affordable blender or are on a tight budget, you do not have to sacrifice quality to get what you’re looking for. Many high-performance, durable machines are available on the market for impressively low prices.

Before buying, you should assess your budget and consider what your priorities are when it comes to features. High-tech appliances are great, but may only offer impressive features that do not actually serve you well.

chart showing the breakdown of price for the best blenders for vegans

As you can see, the NutriBullet 1200W is the most affordable standard blender on our list.


Blenders come in a variety of sizes. The immersion blenders don’t have a capacity limit because you use them in whatever bowl or glassware container that you’d like to use. 

The standard blenders are larger while the personal ones are obviously smaller.

If you’re trying to make vegan food in a blender, you may not need a full 64oz container. It’s great though to have some space so we recommend the Nutribullet 1200W Blender Combo

capacity breakdown of best blenders for vegans

A higher blender capacity allows you to blend more at one time, though it will mean a larger size and will take up more space. In order to work out the total working capacity, calculate 50% of the total volume of your blender.

Materials & build quality

It’s incredibly important to consider the quality of a blender. You don’t want to be stuck with a low-quality blender that cracks or breaks after minimal use!

You should pick a blender that has stainless steel blades and come with a hard plastic or polycarbonate casing.

Do your diligent research to ensure your blender doesn’t crack under pressure when it’s put to the test. Vitamix has different ‘series’ of blenders so it could be good for you to dig into which one is right for you! Check out our Vitamix Explorian vs Ascent Series to get started. 

The good news is that Vitamix offers an incredible 10 year warranty so even if you have issues, you can always get them fixed. 

Final Verdict: Which Blender is Right for You?

Trying to find the best blender for vegans comes down to several factors, such as price, capacity, power, and overall quality. All of the blenders we reviewed are great for making any kind of vegan food. That’s why our #1 pick is the Vitamix E310. You really can’t do better than this one. It’s one of the best Vitamix blenders on the market. It’ll be perfect for all your blending needs.

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