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18 Smoothie Recipes Without Yogurt Under 400 Calories

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Every single one of the smoothie recipes without yogurt on our list is under 400 calories per serving.

Most smoothie recipes use yogurt because it’s so great at making smoothies creamier. But sometimes you just don’t have any yogurt on hand or maybe you’re dairy free and can’t eat yogurt.

These 18 yogurt free smoothies are exactly what you need if you don’t have yogurt on hand.

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Tips for Making Great Smoothies Without Yogurt

The main benefit of yogurt in smoothies is the creamy texture it provides. It can also help make your smoothies thicker by giving just enough liquid-like consistency to blend the fruit without making your smoothie too thin.

If you’re learning how to make smoothies without yogurt, the key is to try to replicate the benefits yogurt offers.

  1. Use minimal liquid – The benefit of yogurt is the thick consistency you can achieve in your smoothie. If you don’t use yogurt, make sure to compensate by using less liquid to make a thicker smoothie.
  2. Use milk – I highly recommend using milk or almond milk (if you’re dairy free)! This will help give texture and flavor that yogurt also provides.
  3. Find a good substitute – I recommend trying out frozen bananas, cottage cheese, kefir, or coconut cream. We have a whole list of the best yogurt substitutes for smoothies.
  4. Make a big batch – Meal prepping your smoothies is essential so you always have one on hand in the fridge or freezer. You can store your smoothies in the fridge for 2-3 days.

18 Smoothie Recipes Without Yogurt

1. Mango Banana Smoothie

It’s a healthy and delicious smoothie recipe without yogurt. The ingredients include mango, banana, spinach, and water.

Mango brings juiciness, whereas banana adds texture to the recipe. The nutrients such as protein, vitamin C, fiber, magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamin D, and potassium make it a healthy snack. The frozen mango is also one of our favorite banana substitutes for smoothies!

Dairy free mango smoothie in a glass jar with a pink straw.

2. Vegan Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie

The vegan pineapple strawberry smoothie is rich in flavor and nutrients and made without yogurt. It’s a fantastic post-workout meal that provides vital nutrients, such as carbs, proteins, fat, sodium, iron, fiber, sugar, and vitamin C.

The ingredients like pineapple, strawberries, lemon juice, and coconut milk add fruitiness to this smoothie recipe. This is one of our favorite smoothie recipes without yogurt!

If you like this one, check out our list of other meal replacement smoothies for weight loss!

3. Banana Peach Smoothie

A glass of thick, creamy, and delicious smoothie is all you need to kick-start your day. It’s a perfect breakfast smoothie made without yogurt. This smoothie provides several healthy nutrients, such as protein, fat, carbs, potassium, sodium, vitamin C, and iron.

The ingredients included are banana, peach, and ice cubes. Blend all the ingredients in the blender until smooth.

4. Simple Mango Smoothie

Simple mango smoothie is a quick and easy-to-make smoothie recipe without yogurt. It’s rich in nutrients and taste and only requires five ingredients, mango, banana, lime, almond milk, and sea salt.

Prepare this quick smoothie full of essential nutrients, such as carbs, sugar, protein, iron, vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and others.

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5. Banana Berry Smoothie

A refreshing, yummy, and healthy smoothie can brighten the mood. Try this yogurt-free smoothie recipe that contains bananas, frozen berries, almond milk, and honey to start your day with energy. The combination of bananas and almond milk will keep this smoothie from separating.

It has several nutrients, such as protein, carbs, iron, fat, calcium, and potassium. Blend all ingredients in the blender until smooth. Prepare this smoothie in less than five minutes.


6. Kiwi, Spinach, and Blueberry Smoothie 

It’s a fruity, delicious, and healthy smoothie recipe made with a combo of fruits and vegetables with no yogurt required. It’s a great source of essential nutrients, such as carbs, sugar, protein, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and sodium.

The ingredients include kiwi, baby spinach, blueberry, almond milk, and chia seeds. Blend all ingredients until smooth and enjoy it.

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7. Kale Apple Smoothie

The kale apple smoothie has flavor, thickness, and a greenish texture. It’s an easy and quick-to-make green smoothie for those who love green and organic juices. This is a great low sugar smoothie recipe!

The ingredients included are kale, apple, chia seeds, flax seeds, maple syrup, lemon juice, and almond butter (optional). This smoothie is packed with healthy nutrients, such as proteins, carbs, fiber, vitamin C, iron, and calcium. This is one of our favorite colon cleansing smoothies!

8. Banana Ginger Turmeric Smoothie

It’s a healthy smoothie rich in antioxidants and best for breakfast or a post-workout snack. It’s filled with essential nutrients, such as carbs, potassium, fiber, vitamin C, and calcium.

The ingredients include banana, ginger, turmeric, almond milk, rolled oatmeal, cinnamon, maple syrup, dates, and hemp seeds. Blend all ingredients until smooth and enjoy a healthy drink. Almond milk is one of the best liquids for smoothies!

9. Sweet Green Protein Power Smoothie

A green, creamy, and juicy smoothie without yogurt is a perfect way to start your day. This healthy smoothie recipe is packed with nutrients, thanks to the ingredients, such as avocado, blueberries, ginger, spinach or swiss chard, orange juice, protein powder, and honey.

This is one of the best smoothies without yogurt!

10. Spinach Apple Banana Smoothie

Spinach apple banana smoothie is an excellent choice for breakfast or afternoon snacks if you’re cutting on yogurt. It’s a good source of iron, vitamin C, potassium, carbs, and fiber.

The ingredients in this smoothie are banana, apple, spinach, pineapple, ginger, and flax seed. You can actually make this smoothie with water instead of milk! Blend all ingredients until smooth. Prepare this smoothie in just about five minutes.

blended green smoothie in blender

11. Strawberry Blackberry Banana Smoothie

It’s an easy-to-make, healthy, and delicious strawberry smoothie without yogurt. It contains several juicy fruits that add a tropical flavor to the smoothie. The ingredients include avocado, strawberry, blueberries, hemp seeds, banana, and dairy-free milk. If you avoid using frozen fruit, this is one of our favorite magic bullet smoothie recipes!

This healthy drink is filled with nutrients, such as carbs, protein, fat, sodium, potassium, fiber, sugar, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A, and others.

12. Vegan Tropical Smoothie

The vegan tropical smoothie is a quick, simple, and healthy drink best suited for breakfast or afternoon meals. The fruitiness of this smoothie comes from the tasty and juicy ingredients, such as strawberries, mangos, peaches, and pineapple.

Other ingredients included are dates, coconut milk, and orange juice. It’s filled with several essential nutrients that make it an energy-booster drink. This one is also on our list of Ninja blender smoothies!

13. Blueberry Smoothie

It’s a delicious and creamy smoothie recipe without yogurt. Prepare this rich-in-antioxidants and fiber smoothie within a few minutes. The ingredients included are blueberries, milk, vanilla essence, honey, and ice cubes.

This smoothie provides essential nutrients like manganese, vitamin K, vitamin C, and copper, which are vital to the body.

14. Green Breakfast Smoothie

It’s a simple, easy-to-make, and healthy smoothie for breakfast or brunch. The ingredients of this smoothie are spinach, banana, oat milk, hemp seeds, and blueberries.

Try this healthy and delicious green smoothie made without yogurt and enjoy the essential nutrients from natural sources. Oat milk is one of the best milks for smoothies!

green smoothie poured from blender into smoothie glass

15. Banana Creamy Smoothie

It’s yet another creamy and thick banana smoothie without yogurt that provides nutrients, energy, and taste. It’s a great of healthy nutrients, such as omega-3, protein, fat, carbs, and fiber. Try it for breakfast or a post-workout snack.

Add ingredients like banana, avocado, soaked oats, whole coconut, and chia seeds to the blender and blend until smooth. The coconut is one of our favorite ways to sweeten a smoothie!

16. Strawberry Banana Smoothie

The strawberry banana smoothie is a natural, healthy, and creamy drink without yogurt. It’s high in protein and fiber and is best for breakfast or midday meals.

The ingredients in this smoothie are strawberries, bananas, almond milk, oats, water, vanilla protein powder, and ice. This is one of our all-time favorite smoothie recipes without yogurt! This one is also on our list of Vitamix smoothies!

17. Weight Gain Chocolate Smoothie

It’s a creamy, delicious, and high-calorie chocolate smoothie without yogurt. This smoothie is full of rich nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium, sodium, and protein.

The ingredients include banana, spinach, coconut milk, cocoa powder, protein powder, peanut butter, and dates. This is one of our favorite high calorie smoothie recipes for weight gain.

chocolate weight gain smoothie served in two jars.

18. Blueberry Avocado Smoothie

Ever wondered how to make a smoothie without yogurt? Blueberry avocado smoothie is a rich-flavored smoothie that contains proteins, carbs, and healthy fat.

The ingredients include blueberries, avocados, protein powder, and milk. Put the ingredients in the blender for five minutes and enjoy a glass of delicious smoothie. This is a great weight loss smoothie for NutriBullet blender owners!

Common Questions About Making Yogurt Free Smoothies

Can I use milk instead of yogurt in a smoothie?

You can definitely use milk instead of yogurt in a smoothie! I recommend using whole milk for the best texture or 2% plus a banana.

Can I use water instead of yogurt in a smoothie?

You can use water instead of yogurt in a smoothie! The key is to use the absolute least amount of water necessary to blend your smoothie ingredients. Start with a half cup and drizzle water in through the top of your blender as needed.

Do you need yogurt for smoothies?

Yogurt makes smoothies creamy, but they aren’t necessary! There are lots of other ingredients you can use to make smoothies without yogurt.

How can I thicken my smoothie without yogurt?

Can I replace yogurt with banana in a smoothie?

Banana is a great substitute for yogurt because of the smooth consistency it offers!

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