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19 Spinach Smoothies that Taste Great + High in Fiber

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These are our favorite spinach smoothie recipes for weight loss! Almost every recipe on the list is less than 400 calories which makes them perfect for eating healthier.

My wife and I make spinach smoothies all the time! Spinach can be somewhat bitter, but it’s packed with nutrients. These smoothies with spinach are all fantastic!

Spinach smoothie in blender next to glass jar of green smoothie with strawberry garnish

Tips for Making Great Spinach Smoothies

If you’re looking to make the best spinach smoothies possible I’ve got you covered! I’ve been eating green smoothies for years and these are some of my best tips I’ve picked up along the way.

  1. Blend the spinach first – One trick is to blend your spinach by itself with your liquid smoothie base. Once it’s thoroughly blended, add in your other ingredients. This will help make sure the spinach gets chopped super fine and you won’t be left choking on stringy clumps. This is one of our go-to tips for making the best green smoothie recipes!
  2. Add ingredients that balance – Spinach is bitter and can make smoothies a bit runny or foamy. Fruits like bananas, avocado, and mango can help offset the spinach in a smoothie!
  3. Use milk – I highly recommend using some kind of milk as your smoothie liquid! This is the best way to make creamier smoothies! I personally like using oat milk or coconut milk for spinach smoothies because the nutty and slightly sweet flavor can help.
  4. Use a high powered blender – Using a strong blender is essential to making great spinach smoothies! You want a blender that can really grind up the spinach. A weaker blender will end up with chunks and stringy bits of spinach.

Check out our article on the best blender for green smoothies if you need suggestions!

19 Healthy Spinach Smoothie Recipes

After a couple of years of testing, these are the best spinach smoothie ideas we’ve tried! I hope you enjoy them!

1. Healthy Weight Gain Smoothie

This recipe is the golden key to gaining weight. It’s packed with a lot of healthy fats and fruits to keep you full for a very long time.

The main ingredients include coconut milk, raisins, peanut butter, bananas, and spinach. If you’re looking for a high-calorie, homemade weight gain smoothie that is cheap and easy to make, try this one.

2. Green Breakfast Smoothie

It’s yet another green, healthy smoothie recipe for those who skip a meal for a smoothie. Quickly prepare a glass of this incredibly healthy drink with ingredients like bananas, blueberries, and spinach.

This is one the best spinach smoothies because it’s full of nutrients such as carbs, protein, fat, sodium, potassium, fiber, sugar, and calcium. This is also one of the best high fiber smoothies and it’s on our list of breakfast smoothies for weight loss!

green breakfast smoothie

3. Spinach Mixed Berry Smoothie

​​This smoothie is loaded with mixed berries, frozen bananas, pear, spinach, and/or kale! It’s offset with agave syrup and vanilla almond milk. If you want a smoothie that’s loaded with all kinds of different fruits and veggies – give this one a try!

This one has spinach, but it’s also one of our favorite smoothie recipes with kale!

4. Sweet Green Protein Powder Smoothie

It’s a green, filling smoothie rich in fiber, iron, and other nutrients that come from various healthy ingredients like avocado, blueberries, spinach, honey, and others. Avocado and spinach are two of the best vegetables for smoothies!

5. Mango Banana Smoothie

It’s a healthy and delicious smoothie recipe without yogurt. The ingredients include mango, banana, spinach, and water.

This is one of our favorite cheap weight loss smoothies!

Mango brings juiciness, whereas banana adds texture to the recipe. The nutrients such as protein, vitamin C, fiber, magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamin D, and potassium make it a healthy snack. It’s also one of our favorite yogurt free smoothies!

Mango smoothie without yogurt in a glass jar with straw.

6. Blueberry and Hemp Green Smoothie

This smoothie is loaded with all of the healthy foods you know and love: kale, spinach, blueberries, hemp seeds, pears, and ginger.

If you’re looking for healthy low sugar smoothies, this one is for you!

7. Kiwi Cucumber Smoothie

If you want something more tropical, this kiwi cucumber smoothie is the way to go! It’s full of vitamins and nutrients. The ingredients are kiwi, cucumber, banana, pear, and baby spinach.

8. Spinach Banana Smoothie

This Spinach banana smoothie is a low-carb, green, and healthy drink made with spinach, banana, chia seeds, vanilla extract, almond milk, greek yogurt, and protein powder. This is also one of our favorite Vitamix smoothie ideas!

It’s a perfect smoothie for a healthy breakfast and provides essential nutrients, such as protein, sodium, carbs, and fiber. The almond milk is one of the best liquid bases for smoothies!

9. Green Goddess Smoothie

This easy-to-make green smoothie is one of our favorite colon cleansing smoothie recipes because it provides your body with essential nutrients and vitamins. This smoothie is a fantastic source of iron, fiber, and cancer-fighting nutrients.

The key ingredients are spinach, banana, cucumber, avocado, almond milk, green apple, chia seeds, and maple syrup. This green goddess smoothie is also one of our favorite Ninja blender recipes!

spinach and pear smoothie with chia seeds in a glass with a straw

10. Pineapple Paradise Spinach Smoothie

I think by now we all know that green smoothie recipes for weight loss and detox DO work. The only hard part to swallow is the thought of putting spinach in your smoothie.

Spinach is absolutely packed with great nutrients, making this superfood smoothie one your body will thank you for!

11. Wake Me Up and Keep Me Going Smoothie

This recipe is a fantastic way to start the day! It’s loaded with banana, avocado, spinach, kale, and it uses green tea as the liquid base for the smoothie! The recipe is a bit too big, but if you divide it in half it’s the perfect Magic Bullet weight loss smoothie.

12. Make Ahead Smoothie

This smoothie is super easy to make and incredibly healthy. It’s got berries, protein powder, chia seeds, almond milk, and spinach. You can make a batch of these and store your smoothies in the fridge for a couple of days. Chia seeds are one of the best ways to make a smoothie thicker!

13. Heart Healthy Smoothie

This smoothie is also one of the best NutriBullet weight loss smoothies because it’s incredibly easy to make! It’s only got about 7 ingredients. The chia seeds, spinach, and hemp hearts (optional IMO) make this a super healthy smoothie. It calls for dairy free milk, but you could use whatever milk you have on hand!

Heart Healthy Smoothie with strawberries mint and chia seeds

14. Strawberry Spinach Smoothie

The strawberry spinach smoothie is a healthy and filling drink for breakfast or lunch. It’s a good source of iron, protein, vitamin C, and other essential nutrients.

This smoothie recipe includes strawberries, spinach, almond milk, vanilla extract, low-carb sweetener like stevia, and ice. The only downside of the ice is that it can make smoothies too foamy.

15. Strawberry Banana Chocolate Smoothie

The strawberry banana chocolate smoothie is a healthy and low-calorie drink for breakfast or the afternoon. Make a filling smoothie with delicious ingredients such as strawberries, bananas, almond milk, spinach, and chocolate protein powder. It contains several nutrients, such as fiber, carbs, sugar, protein, and fat.

If you want more like this, check out our list of almond milk smoothies!

16. Mango Avocado Smoothie

It’s a dairy-free, delicious, and vegan smoothie recipe filled with essential nutrients, such as carbs, protein, fiber, sugar, sodium, and vitamins.

No need to add protein powder when you have ingredients like mango, avocado, orange juice, spinach, mint leaves, and ice cubes. Prepare this under 350 calorie smoothie within five minutes or so.

This smoothie is still sweet and creamy because the frozen mango is one of the best banana substitutes for smoothies!

17. Jamie’s Super Green Smoothie

A healthy, vegetarian green smoothie made with baby spinach, banana, apple, porridge oats, semi-skimmed milk, peanut butter, and ice cubes. It’s a super thick, delicious, and is best for post-workout or afternoon meals.

It has about 363 calories per serving and takes just five minutes to prepare.

18. Hearty Protein Breakfast Smoothie with Strawberries

Strawberry breakfast smoothie is a healthy, green, and gluten-free breakfast smoothie without protein powder. It’s packed with healthy nutrients, such as vitamin c, potassium, and healthy fats, and is a good fit for those who like almond milk in their smoothies.

The ingredients include strawberries, banana, yogurt, almond milk, oats, nut butter, spinach and vanilla extract. Put all ingredients into the blender and blend them until smooth. Vanilla extract is one of our favorite healthy ways to make a smoothie sweeter.

If you like this one, check out our full list of dairy free smoothie recipes!

19. Simple Green Smoothie

This green smoothie is a great breakfast or brunch smoothie recipe with no protein powder required. However, you could add protein powder as an add-in ingredient. The ingredients include banana, spinach, chia seeds, mangos, and almond milk.

Chia seeds are one of our favorite substitutes for yogurt in smoothies because it can help make smoothies smoother.

This smoothie is best for boosting immunity, improving digestion, glowing skin, and body detox. A simple Green smoothie is a thick and fruity drink containing lots of nutrients, such as protein, fats, carbs, and sugar. Moreover, the total calories in a single serving are 210.

Common Questions About Making Smoothies with Spinach

Is it OK to drink a spinach smoothie everyday?

Spinach smoothies are great to drink every day because they’re incredibly healthy for you! They’re loaded with vitamins and nutrients like Vitamin K, D, and more.

Can you put uncooked spinach in a smoothie?

Uncooked spinach goes well in smoothies! Simply add in a few handfuls of uncooked spinach and run your blender on full speed.

Does blending spinach destroy nutrients?

Blending spinach does NOT destroy nutrients. The idea that blending destroys nutrients or fiber is a myth that we’ve debunked.

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