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16 Smoothie Meal Prep Ideas for Weight Loss (under 400 calories)

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These smoothie meal prep ideas for weight loss are my secret weapon to eating healthier! I’ve been obsessed with meal prepping for years and used to run a blog all about meal prepping called Meal Prepify. I no longer run the site, but it had over 3 million readers in the time I owned it.

Meal prepping is my favorite productivity hack: Saving money, saving time, and eating healthier.

These meal prep smoothies are healthy, easy to make, and you can store the smoothies in the fridge for later.

green smoothies in glass jars

Can you Meal Prep Smoothies Ahead of Time?

You can meal prep smoothies ahead of time by making a big batch and storing them in containers! Smoothies will last in the fridge for 3-4 days at a time. The key to making your smoothies last well is to store them with as little air as possible. The less air and the more airtight the container, the better.

  • Fridge – The best way to store smoothies is to put them in mason jars because they are airtight.
  • Freezer – If you want to freeze smoothies, I’d recommend getting some freezer bags.

Some people used to think that blending smoothies destroys fiber and nutrients, but that myth has been busted!

can you freeze green smoothies

How to Meal Prep Smoothies

Meal prepping smoothies is incredibly easy. Almost every single Sunday I’ll make a big batch of smoothies and store them in the fridge to drink for the next week.

Here are the simple steps to follow if you want to learn how to meal prep smoothies:

  1. Pick your recipes – We have tons of smoothie recipes if you want ideas! You can also pick from the list of recipes below (most of which our original to us)!
  2. Grocery shop – I recommend getting a mix of frozen and fresh produce to use for smoothies.
  3. Blend – Blend your big batch of smoothies! If you need help, we have tons of articles with different smoothie tips to help you make the best smoothies possible!
  4. Store – Store them in mason jars for the fridge or freezer bags for the freezer.
  5. Drink – If you’re drinking them straight from the fridge, give them a stir or a shake in case the smoothie separated. If your smoothies are frozen, I recommend thawing them out in the fridge for 24 hours.

16 Smoothie Meal Prep Ideas for Weight Loss

These smoothie meal prep ideas for weight loss are all under 400 calories! They are the perfect size for meal replacement smoothies.

1. Berry Smoothie with Spinach

This is one of our go-to weight loss green smoothies! The combo of spinach and blueberries make this smoothie meal prep idea incredibly healthy! The avocado, greek yogurt, and chia seeds make it loaded with healthy fats, high in protein, and high in fiber!

Almond milk is our favorite milk for smoothies!

blueberry spinach smoothie ingredients and smoothie

2. High Protein Green Smoothie

If you’re looking for a high protein smoothie meal prep recipe, this one is for you! It’s packed with bananas, spinach, nut butter, blueberries, almond milk, chia and hemp seeds. With the protein powder, it’s also got 35g of protein and 12g of fiber!

high protein green smoothie

3. Healthy Chocolate Green Smoothie

Our chocolate peanut butter smoothie is one of our absolute favorite meal prep smoothies! I tested a bunch of ingredient combinations before finalizing this recipe. This is one of the best high fiber smoothies as well because it has 30g of protein, 10g of fiber, and less than 20g of sugar.

This one is also less than 350 calories. The almond milk is super common in our list of dairy free smoothie recipes!

peanut butter chocolate smoothie

4. Healthy Green Goddess Smoothie

Our very own green goddess smoothie is super healthy! If you want a healthy smoothie meal prep recipe, give this one a try. It has spinach, kale, pineapple, and banana! It’s a great blend of flavor, consistency, and nutrients. We use almond milk to make smoothie creamy and we add Greek yogurt because it’s a great way to add protein to smoothies.

If you don’t have any yogurt on hand, check out our list of substitutes for yogurt in substitutes!

green goddess smoothie nutribullet with ingredients

5. Green Detox Smoothie Recipe

Our very own detox green smoothie recipe is a fan favorite! It’s full of health ingredients like spinach, celery, cucumber, and pineapple. This smoothie packs in an impressive 15g of fiber and only 330 calories.

This is one of our favorite colon cleansing smoothies because of the chia and hemp seeds. It’s also on our list of diabetic smoothie recipes!

green detox smoothie square version

6. Apple Banana Smoothie

If you like apple banana smoothies, this is a great one for you! It’s got 10g of fiber and only 250 calories. The mango is one of our favorite ways to sweeten a smoothie. The spinach makes this smoothie super high in Vitamin K and A. This is one of our favorite smoothie recipes for Vitamix blenders!

apple banana smoothie pouring into glass

7. Mango Spinach Smoothie

Our mango spinach smoothie is one of our all-time favorites spinach smoothies recipes! Mango and spinach are fantastic smoothie ingredients because they blend easily and balance each other out. This one has a bit of lime juice to help it last longer and uses almond milk! It’s also on our list of almond milk smoothie recipes!

mango spinach smoothie

8. Tropical Green Smoothie

If you like green smoothies and want something a bit tropical, try this one! This is one of my wife’s favorites because it’s a bit sweeter and is super high in Vitamin C. It’s loaded with four different kinds of fruit: banana, pineapple, mango, and strawberry.

The orange juice gives it a good citrus flavor and the spinach or kale give it a bunch of extra smoothie health benefits.

tropical green smoothie with fruit surrounding it

9. Spinach Pineapple Smoothie

This spinach pineapple smoothie is one of our new favorites! If you like fruity and tropical smoothies, give this one a try. It’s like a healthy pina colada! The hemp seeds are a great way to add fiber and spinach is one of the best vegetables for smoothies.

spinach pineapple smoothie

10. Spinach Banana Smoothie

Our spinach banana smoothie is one of our most popular recipes! If you just want a simple smoothie that tastes amazing – try this one. You probably have most of the ingredients on hand already!

spinach banana smoothie

11. Creamy Apple Smoothie

This creamy apple smoothie is a fantastic meal prep smoothie for fall weather! The combo of apples, oats, banana, with a hint of cinnamon makes this one delicious.

12. Good Morning Coffee Smoothie

If you like coffee, you need to give this one a try! It’s a great healthy breakfast smoothie recipe that you make a batch of and drink all week. The coffee will give you a caffeine boost to go with your morning smoothie.

13. Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Smoothie

If you like fruity smoothies, this one is perfect for you! Strawberries and bananas go perfectly together in smoothies and the oatmeal helps make this smoothie thicker! This is a bit higher in carbs so it may not be the best low-carb smoothie meal prep recipe.

14. Simple Green Breakfast Smoothie

If you like green smoothies, this is another winner! It’s a super simple recipe with just a handful of ingredients that you probably already have on hand. The chia seeds give it a boost of protein and fiber and the spinach + banana combo is the best for making smoother smoothies. This is one of the best meal prep breakfast smoothies.

15. Cocoa Almond Protein Smoothie

This cocoa almond protein smoothie is super tasty if you want something less fruity and more savory/rich. The cocoa and almond milk combo makes it super rich. The addition of protein powder makes this a great smoothie meal prep for weight loss to start the day with.

16. Kale Pineapple Smoothie

This kale pineapple smoothie is one of our favorite kale smoothie recipes for weight loss! If you’re wondering, “can you meal prep smoothies” you just need to give this one a try. The bitterness of the kale is balanced out by the sweetness of the pineapple. The final result is a killer smoothie!

5 Tips for Smoothie Meal Prepping

I’ve made hundreds of smoothies over the years and if you count the meal prepped once, that number is probably in the thousands. Here are some of my best tips for meal prepping smoothies:

  1. Test recipes before going big – The last thing you want to do is make a big batch of smoothies that you end up hating. Test a new recipe by making a single serving before you meal prep smoothies.
  2. Use tape to label the date – Take a tiny piece of masking tape and write the date on it to put on your container! This is especially helpful if you’re meal prepping smoothies to freeze.
  3. Use citrus – The main way your smoothies might go bad is if they oxidize. This is when air touches the fruit (like bananas or apples going bad after you expose them to air). Citrus can help prevent oxidation so use orange juice, lime juice, or other citrus fruits in your smoothies.
  4. Make it airtight – Another way to prevent oxidation is to store your smoothies in something airtight! The less oxygen the better for smoothie meal prepping.
  5. Avoid water as your liquid – You can make smoothies with water, but it is more likely to make a smoothie foamy. We have a list of other liquid bases for smoothies you can try!

Common Questions About Making Meal Prep Smoothies

Is it OK to meal prep smoothies?

Smoothies are great for meal prepping! You can make a big batch, store them in containers in the fridge, and pull one out each day for the week.

Can you meal prep smoothies ahead of time?

You can meal prep smoothies ahead of time. Smoothies will last in the fridge for 3-4 days and in the freezer for 2-3 months

What are the best ingredients for smoothie prep recipes?

The best ingredients for smoothie meal prep recipes are citrus fruits, green veggies, berries, and it’s best to avoid dairy if you’re going to make them last longer.

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